PBass with tapes? Here's a cpl of tricks:

play lightly up by the end of the neck. Let your fingers roll rather than pluck the strings.

Add some low mids on the eq (200-400hz).  Play around with what freqs give best results. An URB is not all about the bottom end and those mids really help shape the character of the tone

You may want to try inserting a piece of foam under the strings at the bridge to cut back on the sustain and give it the tubbiness inherent to a URB

Hi Apex Bass,

Try all the T1 Presets in the Basses Category. You might find something that gets you closer to the sound you want.

I don't have any other T1 specific suggestions, but there's a lot of general suggestions on the web.

If you find any recommendations about altering the tone with EQ use the zEQ and ParaEQ  to dial in frequencies.

Please let us know when you find something that works.




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Hi Apex Bassist

First off I went to your website  and I have to say I love your band. We had a swing/ dixieland band for 22 years and I so miss playing that music.

I was wondering if you had any luck getting your Fretless Precision with nylon tape wound strings to sound more like an upright.


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