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I recently purchased the Bose f1 model 812.  I'.having trouble using the tone match with a computer running through it.  I have a DJ program that I ran with the L1 Model II and tone match, now when I try hooking it up to the F1, I'm not able to get the music to come through the system.  I have hooked it up according to the directions. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Double A DJ,

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If you had your DJ program working with the T1®  to your L1 Model II, then things should work equally well with your F1 Model 812.

Assuming that you have a T1® Power Supply, you can connect the T1® Master Output to F1 Model 812 Input 1 or Input 2. If you need to connect two F1 Model 812s, you can add a second one.

For information, we have an article here: T1® to F1 Model 812.

Does that help?



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