What would be more accurate settings for Bose Tone match with Macbook pro and virtual dj software? Two possibilities: 1- with out a dj controller and 2-with dj controller. I have noticed connecting with dj controller it does not sound as great and with macbook directly connected to tone match sounds far better. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. what to look for in dj controller? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.


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Depending on which controller you are using you have a couple of options.
1. You could learn the keyboard shortcuts for VDJ and not use a controller however you will be missing a few features and it will not be the best experience for you.
2. Get a decent controller that has a good quality D/A converter (hi spec soundcard) built-in. They are expensive.
3. Use a controller that doesn't have a built-in soundcard to control VDJ and set VDJ to output sound via the Tonematch. You may even be able to do this with your existing controller or another with built-in soundcard (the options in VDJ are pretty flexible). I haven't tried this and do not have access to my DJ controller at the moment so cannot try it but it's worth experimenting. Use the controller purely to control VDJ and connect your Laptop to the Tonematch selecting those outputs in VDJ.

Good Luck.


I never thought of this.. now the concerns are that there is only 2 usb connections in Mac book pro, most likely bose tone match will connect directly to Mac and I can use usb hub for controller and music flash drives. Thanks for sharing this idea I still have to try this out. Any ideas on controllers that have great sound card. I am not too much on scratching and may not need jog wheels.. thanks for your help

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