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This is our typical set-up.
I currently link all three systems to each other via a very basic input and output box.
1 is fed to 2 & 3
2 is fed to 1 & 3
3 is fed to 1 & 2
The guitar goes into mixer 3 but is low on volume in speaker 3 yet is loud in 1 & 2.
I have tried adjusting the volume on the power stand but it affects all the other mics/instruments.
Sometimes, we just use the outer 2 systems depending on venue.
Siting of the 3rd speaker system (no 2) can be problematic due to the drums being close and having it behind the kit pushes the gear forward hich sometimes there isn't room to do tthis.
I basically want the vocals to be spread evenly across the stage and not appear to be one-sided.
Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I can do this better. We sometimes have problem with feedback too
as the vocals need to be turned up (backline not loud) seems worse with effects.


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Hi Gen_II,

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Move the outer two L1 systems (1 and 3) behind the band.
    • This will minimize the separation of the sound of the vocalists.
  2. Connect each T1 using the ToneMatch cable, to only one L1. Do NOT connect a T1 to more than one system. They were not engineered to be used this way.
  3. Let's get back to the way the L1 systems were engineered to work.
    • Set up the L1 systems behind the band (not flanking the band)
    • Route each sound source to only one L1, the L1 closest one.
    • Note:
      • Having any sound source (e.g., a microphone) heard through more than one L1 lowers your gain-before-feedback.
      • Having any sound source heard through more than one L1 may cause

        Multiple Source Interference (degrading the quality of the sound)

How many performers are in your band?

Is the guitarist also a vocalist?

Is the banjo player a vocalist?

Is the drummer a vocalist?

Is the keyboardist a vocalist?



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Since you have so many vocal mics and miked acoustic instruments to deal with I'd say your feedback issues are mainly because most stages aren't "deep enough" (from front to back) to get sufficient distance between the systems and the microphones.  I found that even with only one or two vocal mics one needs at least 10' between the mic line and the system.  In your diagram with that many microphones, I'd guess that unless the systems are at least 12-20' behind the microphones, you'll have problems with feedback.

Since we deal with very shallow stages most of the time, we place our system(s) to the side - in line or slightly behind the front line of microphones and have learned to rely on side wash to monitor our sound.  When we only use one system, I usually sit furthest from our sound system and have no trouble monitoring my acoustic guitar and vocals.

One thought I had looking at your diagram and thinking about your drummer would be to use 2 of the systems for House sound -- slightly in front of the microphone line facing the audience with the 3rd system placed facing the band as a monitor either to the side as a side wash system or next to one of the house systems facing obliquely across the band.

You might want to consider using a 16 channel mixer instead of trying to somehow daisy chain 3 T1s...

Are you playing in pretty big houses and need to mic the drums?

Hi Chet,

I'm sure you've done well with your approach.

I have done countless shows with three or more L1s behind the band on stages where we had only 5-8 feet from the microphones to the L1s.

Used as intended, you can get great results with the L1 + T1 systems.



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