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One other thing I found most amazing about the PAS is I had one situation where I had to place it... in the middle of the room. You take what you get and I was: yeah, like, ok, this is going to work... NOT.

But it did, better than I'd have bet. I was astonished at break running an iPod through that... the decay on the back of the speaker was not large at all. Behind the BACK of the speaker! LOL
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I'm glad that worked for you. Generally, you will get significantly high-end roll off towards the rear and although the overall sound pressure level will not drop dramatically, the spectral balance can be off. However, you are lucky and the room provides enough high-frequency reflections you can get pretty decent results behind the speaker as well.
Still, when I have to do testing at high volumes, my preferred spot is being behind the L1 Big Grin


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