The L1 doesn't really fit in the standard carry bag

Hey there
Just recently purchased the sysytem after trying it out on a double bill with Brave Combo in Rhode Island. I have lots of questions, but wanted to start with this: Why doesn't the cyllindrical radiator fit in the swell carry bag unless you unscrew and remove the lip that connects it to the bottom speaker? that's a bit annoying.

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just curious. I really like the sound, but...

Keith M
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not sure where the posts are at here, but there are some.
it does fit. if the system is new, it is a rather tight fit at first, till the bags break in a little bit. i thought the same thing at first, i couldnt get it to fit.
different people i think do it different, but the way i do it and seems to work, is i put the blunt end in first to the top od the bag that has the end of the zipper runners. then if i push the bayonet thing slightly to one side i can pull the cover over it and zip up easily.
it was a tight fit at first as i said, and i was skeptical about forcing anything...but it all worked fine, and gets easier as you stretch the bags a little from use. if you simply no way shape or form can get it to work, it could be the bag is maybe too small, but havent heard any reports of that. just that a few people, including me at first, had a litle trouble and wondered if it fit....hope that helps.
Hello Keith,

You definitely DO NOT need to remove the bayonet. You'll see right away that it will fit fine.

Thank you for your purchase. Any chance we could get you to tell us all here at the forum a little more about your musical life, and how you came to be aware of the Personalized Amplification System(tm) products?

Here's the Official Upper L1 Section Wrist-and-Hand Motion for right-handed owners: Unzip the bag 2/3, hold at one end in the left hand with the unzipped portion of the bag facing down and the zipper facing you. With your right hand, grab the upper L1 by the bayonet, lower it into the bag so the bayonet is opposite the zipper or away from you. It will slide right in. Zip up around the bayonet. Badda-bin, badda-boom: It will all fit fine. If you face the bayonet down first, things snag and it doesn't work out that well. Reverse for left hand owners.

This probably sounds complicated to remember, but once you do it right, it's like riding a bicycle. Also, I think you will really enjoy the system. What is your instrument(s)? Vocal?
Thought I would chime in with a little trick I do. At the end of the night I take the carry case with one zipper half way closed and slide the bag over the top of the L1 while it is set up, Then I grab the section with the bag half on, separate the piece from the bottom and with one easy movement spin the section 180 degrees and zip up the other zipper. WARNING do not make first attempt at this maneuver under the influence of alcohol.
Keep on keepin' on...
Booze Bro

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Hey all
thanks for all the tips. I did manage to get the L1 in the case. I haven't quite sorted out the directions that you gave for the easy zip-up yet. It's a bit like reading instructions for how to throw a baseball: easy to demonstrate in person, but hard to describe. Maybe I should make the short trip to Mass. for a demo! (I live in Providence, RI)

As for my musical life, it's basically in two parts. By day I am a solo performer for kids and families. Storytelling, original songs (I play piano & drums) and cartooning. You can see what I'm up to at Trying to make kids music a bit hipper, like Dan Zanes is doing. The other half of my world is with a trio consisting of myself on piano and vox, a drummer, and a female trombonist. She also sings. We play sort of New Orleans flavored dance blues, a la Professor Longhair, Smiley Lewis, Ruth Brown etc. The tunes are mostly original, with a few covers thrown in for good measure. The trio recently played a party for some friends which also featured Brave Combo on the bill. My friends rented? bought? borrowed? the sysytem (4 of them) from Guitar Center. I was blown away. My band only used two - one for me, one for trombonist/singer. Drums were unmiked. I thought the sound was fantastic. Brave Combo sounded excellent as well.

As for purchasing one, I was initially interested in the PAS 1 for my solo show, given its great sound, portability and to help clean up cord mess on stage. But I'm also interested in the trio using the system. I'd love for the trombone player to buy one. But until I can talk her into that, I'm curious to see if I can run my vox, the piano, and her mic (shared trombone/vox mic) into the system for use in smaller venues. Do you think this will work if we find good stage placement for the unit? Thanks to you all for your great feedback! Much obliged.


I agree, it sort of is like trying to describe throwing a baseball.

Better instructions: Keep the bag partially closed at the bottom and grab it at the open top. Grab the upper L1 by the bayonet, drop it in and zip up.

Sounds like a rich musical life, sweet. We still have the 45 day return policy in place and, I think, some attractive financing at GC and thru us. It's a pretty low-impact transaction, especially for the high impact it will have on your show as well as the trombonist's musical life. why don't you buy it and use it for your home or studio system?

Hmmm. That's a thought, though I am the classic struggling artist type. I'm already singing the pariases of the PAS to my trombonist. I'm sure I'll buy another one if she balks. IN the meantime, do you think my one system will handle: piano, vox mic for me, trombone mic for her? I know it's not ideal, but will it be too much?

Meanwhile, I'm getting better at fitting things into cases.

I have some more questions I'll post under a new topic...

all the best

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