The future of our church sound lies in the balance

Hello sound people,

My inner nerd has spent some time browsing discussions and loving it but i am now being tested on the 'hype'.

I proclaimed to my pastor that a small church as ours doesn't need the old mixer, huge bass cabinet and multiple monitors (that are all locally fabricated by the way) that make the acoustics sound overwhelming and unnatural. Of course i told him about the revolution that is the Bose L1... even though i have not personally heard it myself.

So he told me to go ahead a put a list together of what he needs to deliver great sound all around without all the monitors, cabinets, wires and half broken 30 year old mixer.

Of course i am thinking about recommending the Bose L1 Compact. My church is at most 20 people right now in a space of about 150sqm. The requirements are for the preacher at the pulpit in the middle of the stage and 3 vocalists (choir) and keyboard off to the side.

My question is whether the inputs on the L1 compact are enough to handle all the performers in our setup? And will the volume/clarity be sufficient for that room size?

What else might we need to complete the sound requirements of our small church?

Thanks people!
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Hi truskool,

Welcome to the forums, you are in the right place for the best sound.
I am a Product Referral Specialist for Bose L1 sound systems, and sold an installation in a church a while back, before I was a rep.
See my report on that HERE.

Easier than me reiterating.
I hope your church springs for a Bose.
I would recommend a T1 Tonmatch and a power supply as well for additional Mics.
The Compact only handles one mic by itself, and would also handle your keyboard.

Best of luck to you!

BTW, if you read down past my initial post, and some replies, you will find the positive results from the church.
You will also see my mention of another demo, for another church where I failed to make the sale, and the reasons why.
All of the comments made by other forum members create some pretty interesting stuff.
Lots of good information.
My question is whether the inputs on the L1 compact are enough to handle all the performers in our setup? And will the volume/clarity be sufficient for that room size?

Short answer is NO, the Compact by itself has only two channels.
One of the channels can accept a 1/4" input from any typical non-powered audio mixer.
The Tonematch would be hirghy recommended for it unique mic & instrument "presets", and it's super clean sound.
In your case I would buy a Compact, a T1 mixer, and the T1 power supply.
Total cost around $1,550, less if bought during the twice yearly 10% off sale.

Pastor's mic into channel 1 (a headworn wireless would be nice!)
3 vocal mics and the Keyboard into T1 Tonematch
T1 mixer's output into channel two on the Compact.
There is your system.

You can certainly buy cheap mixers these days, and by all means do so if money is tight.
But the T1 will cure a lot of EQing problems down the road.
Cheap analog mixers just cannot do what the T1 does, unless you have expert "golden ears".
Drumr, I am so grateful for your response. I am going to recommend the setup that you suggested.

I am also gong to advise on the electronic drums and a countryman mic.

How would we record the service with this kind of setup? Would i still have to introduce a traditional mixer into the setup?

I see that the T1 audio engine can be used with a computer? How?

I am in a country that uses 220V. Can i get an Eu version or is my only option to get a step down transformer?

THansk again. I appreciate and am loving all the input im getting from you.

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