I would have liked to have heard the same track, just played through the L1 Compact (without the bass modules) for comparison's sake.

Yes, I thought of that...later!

Another thing I overlooked was changing the crossover point when switching to the B1s, I left it on 250hz.
When I used the Compact w/2-B1s at my gig with the acoustic drumset, I used 375hz.
That might have made a difference.

Still, I just wanted to show that you can tell the difference pretty readily between B1s and a B2.
I heard lots more fullness and power, and feel confident about using this set up live w/E-drums.
Drumr. In your video I noticed you only used one crossover device and I also noticed it only had one input for
the high and one for the lows with one Compact. My question is if I run two Compacts in a stereo configuration
will that one device still do or will I need to purchase two of them (one for each Compact)?
Should I just purchase a stereo cross over to achieve that. Maybe something like a DBX Driverack. I have never
used a crossover before, but I am going to start.
Hi kenkenni,

For two Compacts, in stereo, you would need two SX21s, or a dual channel crossover.
They make lots of rack mount crossovers.
Personally, I didn't want to get into a rack device, trying to keep is small/light/simple.

You could use Y cables OUT of the SX21, but then you'd be running mono.

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