Originally posted by c-hizer:
I have a PAS w/ B1. I am looking to sell a Gibson Chet Atkins Classical Electric (1988 Limited Edition) and purchase a Variax 700 (not the acoustic version, the other one) and a PODXT. I want to be able to step on the unit and switch from an electric sound to an acoustic sound. I read that the best acoustic sound is achieved by bypassing the amp modeling, by turning off the amp models with the footswitch. Is this saved as part of the preset when you save it?
Also, while I've got your ears, the Taylor T5 puzzles me a little. I know it has acoustic sounds and electric sounds, but could I achieve the same results as above.
As I am really a keyboard player with average chops on guitar, I am looking to solve these problems as elegantly as possible. So, Variax or T5?

To the questions in boldface above.

much easier to get a reasonable 'acoustic' sound with the amp modelling bypassed


The state of the amp modelling (e.g. bypassed) is preserved when you save a patch.
Originally posted by c-hizer:
I want to be able to step on the unit and switch from an electric sound to an acoustic sound.

Make sure you get a Variax Digital Interface Cable to connect the Variax to the PODxt Live.

Also, while I've got your ears, the Taylor T5 puzzles me a little. I know it has acoustic sounds and electric sounds, but could I achieve the same results as above.

The T5 has both electric and acoustic pickups. This gives both types of sound - but they are T5 sounds, not modelled sounds. It is not like going from a dreadnaught to a Strat to a Les Paul to a banjo like with the Variax.
I have 2 Bose PAS systems. I use them for church service, and as part of a DJ setup.

As I play the guitar, I recently purchased a Taylor T-5. To put together the best sounding most convienent setup, I am considering a Line 6 POD xt.

I was thinking that it would be more usable for me on stage to have a PODxt (not live) with the FBV floorboard. That way I wouldn't have to reach down to change parameters if Iwanted to, but would still have the footboard. I am not sure whether the sounds and options on the xt are the same as the xt LIVE. Does anyone know, or have suggestions?
Hi McGofy,
I am not sure whether the sounds and options on the xt are the same as the xt LIVE.
They're pretty much identical, though the XT Live comes with the 'FX Junkie' Model Pack (costs extra to get that with the XT - no biggie). I use the XT Live, but I know a couple of folks who prefer the XT/FBV approach, including our friend Cliff Goodwin (The Linemen) and Steve-at-Bose, who both use the FBV Shortboard. I personally wish that the display on the XT Live was as big as the one on the FBV...
Steve-at-Bose, who both use the FBV Shortboard.

Ummm, nope. I went XTLive about a year ago as well. I find that I don't tweak sounds at the gig so the XTLive works out great (one thing to setup versus two). If it were lost or stolen I'd buy another XTLive over the bean/board setup because the setup and extra model packs are worth it to me.

That's my two cents,
Originally posted by Chuck-at-Bose:
Red Face Ahhhh! Ok. I remembered your earliest posts about the XT and your most recent posts about combo amps. Thanks for the reminder about some of those posts in between. Man, you've been on quite the tone journey!

Chuck, if you blink I'll change again. I'm constantly on the tone journey. I'll never stop ... it's half the fun. I've tried (in no particular order):
  • PODXT with Shortboard
  • PODXT Live
  • PODXT Live into Damage Control "W" pedal
  • 40W Dean Markley amp (the one I bought in high school)
  • Fender Pro Junior
  • Fender Blues Junior
  • Fender Cyber Twin
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb with XTLive

Today I am using either XTLive with Damage Control pedal using the "direct recording" out or the Deluxe Reverb and XTLive. It depends on how much room I have at the gig.

Both sound great! I love the noodling. At the end of the day it comes down to this, I can create tone in a gazillion different ways, BUT I let the L1 fill the room with that tone. Yum!

Yeah, that SD tube classic is so popular now, they get wipped out as soon as they hit a music store~~hope to get to try one out soon~~ Cool

I see Steve-at-Bose is sticking with his Damage Control~~ Wink

Now about this direct line out from a Deluxe Reverb? So where do you put your amp then~~to the side~~in front of the L1~~in back~~? Does the amp placement matter when using a direct out Confused
I'm currently in best of both worlds mode ... direct or with an amp.

At my last gig we were pressed for space ... very cramped ... so I set up the XTLive into the DC into the L1. I used the "direct out" on the Damage Control W pedal. A lot of class A goodness in that setup.

The prior gig allowed for plenty of room so I set up the XTLive to the Damage Control to the Deluxe Reverb. I used the "amp out" on the DC pedal and I set it up with a ton of gain so it was more of a distortion pedal than a preamp. I put my guitar case in front of the speaker to kill off the beam and put the amp far away from anyone's ears.

I mic'ed the amp with an SM57, right on the grill cloth at a slight angle, mid-cone. I think next time I'll move the mic off the cone just a bit more. I had a hard time controlling the dynamic range of the amp (big volume changes) as I played throughout the night. Gotta get my right-hand back in shape. Big Grin

It was a lot of gear to set up but I had time, we finished at 10:00PM (it was a benefit) so there was time to tear down too. So I went into gear-head mode.

I have many options ... I love it ... fun stuff.
Interesting to hear you sent the XTL into the WMZ? I never tried it that way but I will now, LOL...

Give the FullTone Fat Boost a try in front of your XT. I never turn it off - no gain increase, simply enjoy the Class A FET squish it delivers. I even like it on my acoustic with internal mic. For electric it seems to help me play the XT more like a real amp which means I don't have to work so hard...

Naw Steve - I don't think the Fat Boost is all that new (Joseph mentioned it and he has my eternal loyalty & respect as a guitar man!) 'simply had the gosh to throw around and was looking for "more" - ya know? Happy with it for now but wanna test a Keeley Katana soon when bills get more caught-up, LOL...

tanawana - IMHO - going years back to original POD, Digitech, Zoom, Alesis and other brand multi-efx, the input always seems to be a nasty bottleneck for guitar TONE. That's why I often go through the insert patching effort to use Bose L1 mic preamp for the guitar pickups then insert/return into whatever direct digital box I'm required to use for the gig. The Bose preamps are very nice for practically any mic or instrument pickup I've ever had the pleasure of connecting! Thanks guys...

But, I don't always have my L1 handy to take full advantage of sweet FET input so the Fat Boost has been a blessing of late. If I may stick my neck out - I'd venture to guess this "effect" has more to do with even order harmonic content of the signal passing through the device. Give these amp model boxes something decent to work with and they sound much better to my ears and feel even better under my fingers!

Ahhh -- the journey continues...
Originally posted by tanawana:
ASAT - How are you going about routing your pod through the L1?? Not sure I quite follow.

Plug guitar directly into L1 mic ch 1 or 2. Take an efx insert cable and use the insert jack on the L1 to send/return the guitar signal into whatever efx box you are using. It doesn't have to be POD - I actually do this more often with my Adrenalinn box since it's so small, can run for days on external battery pack and easy to carry.

Setup the gain structure between L1 insert and efx box and you'll have a great pickup signal driving your POD (or whatever?) by virtue of the L1 mic preamp.

Perhaps ST can help diagram this as it's kinda weird to describe coming from an old country pickin' bumpkin? Or, check the Bose manual about efx insert use - it's very simple but not something most guitar players ever deal with until you wanna take advantage of those wonderful mic/instrument preamps in the L1.

Yo Steve - I hear ya, ain't it the best when you can make music with TONE that is inspiring in itself? It's like a great gift from above that you just don't wanna waste!
Yep, I get it. Never thought of putting my pod through the system that way. I just thought about putting the obvious reverbs/delays through the insert. I'll have to try it. Takin' the Klon out of my pedalboard to use on the pod input can be a pain. Good idea. Smile
Joe (ASAT)

I bet you are incredibly consistent as a player.

Originally posted by ASAT:
Guitar -> PS1 (Preset #35) -> XT Live through Send/Receive loop.

I dunno how much difference it makes but my XT Pro has a line-input pad switch on the guitar input so I go into that jack with the PAS insert guitar send? For the output (return) I use the XT L main line out. There's all kinda ways to use the XT efx loop too but I think it may be after amp modelling so for dirt/grit, you may be better off with the guitar input padded to line level?

Yeah, ain't that a PITA about the XTL teeny display? The shortboard is much more readable but the tuner isn't as precise when viewed on that display. Oh well, it's hard to get everything we like in one deal, right? GNX4 has a nice size display but GNX4 ain't the XT in some regards either! I can't even remember the Boss GT6 display, LOL...

My hunch is that the PAS has potential to stand-in as a formidable guitar amp. Nice even dispersion coupled with large waveform sure seems like just the ticket many of us can appreciate. Trouble is, we must now learn to adapt this digital technology that has become mainstay in the studio realm for years to live gigging. Judging from my acoustic work the PAS is just the speaker setup to provide a more "studio sound" to live performances. However, for some of us electric "hacks" the hat-trick is getting the dang thing to "feel" right so we can tap into some crude vigor and keep rockin!

Insert cables? Yeah, I've gotta couple old 12 footers that I have from the DG Stomp running in the efx loop of either Matchless. For backline amp(s) that is/was a SWEET setup but I never used any of the DG amps in an insert arrangement. Just for delay, mods, verbs, wah, tuner, volume box. All of the OD stuff (TS9, fuzz, od-1 pedals) placed before the amp front-end. Patching, stage volume and cartage is always a nightmare but sounds/feels so amazing that LOUD and cumbersome still has some appeal.

Time will tell but the pocket has been extra good lately and if the past weekend was any indication, I may have found what I've been searching for. At the end of a 12' insert cable the Adrenalinn 1 was very simple, cool and effective once I learned how to setup switching a "goto" patch from any other patch I happened to be sitting on. Get that subtle filtering sweeping in-synch to the groove and watch-out!!!

BTW - I also used a 6xAA battery holder powering the Linn A1 so I didn't even need a wall-wart on the floor. Ampmeter had told me the A1 drew 350mA so I reckoned AA battery pack with alkalines will be good for 4-6 hours easy. Handled 5 hours this weekend with no problem and another hour or more today on the deck noodling in the mild coastal climate to some groovy beats. Sick, ain't it?

You wrote that 369 days ago in the other amazing Amp modeller discussion.

I'm sure I did a diagram of that *somewhere*
... wanders away looking under stuff ...

PS I havent' looked since, but a couple of days ago The Jersey Boys CD was #13 on the Amazon list of top sellers.
If only I was calling the L1 by the right name back then, LOL...

Broadway theatre likes consistency and so does our maestro! It may seem "easy" to play the same tunes 8 times per week but it's a lot harder than it looks. Little things change/evolve and then you have variations in personel of the orchestra from night to night. Plus, the dang TONE is always shifting a little from day to day - so it's a worthy challenge to keep it fresh and exciting while staying within the confines of the show music. My rule of thumb is that for most of the audience on a given day, this is the only show they will ever see and at the prices they pay for a seat, they deserve the best performances we can muster!

Amazon has been good to us and Billboard gives us a sale popularity rating somewhere in the top 100, last I heard. Check out Amazon sales by state and if we're not #1 in Jersey, I'll eat my pick! My friends out west keep saying they hear our "Cry For Me" on satellite radio practically everyday!

Dang, if only Line6 had replied to my AR package I sent them this past winter? I would've bought & used the heck outta Variax & XTL on those TV shows we were circulating and of course the 2006 Tony Award Best Musical. Not even a thank you for the Rhino CD I sent them! Err...
Originally posted by Ken-at-Bose:

GREAT avatar.

I feel like I'm one step closer to meeting you.


Next time you hit NY, gimme a shout and I'll buy the 1st round.

Avatar is kinda crazy since my moniker is ASAT - I'm working on an updated photo...
Absolutely Joseph - maybe the Bose East bash will happen someplace nearby and I can actually get away from my show for a few days. 'Sure hated missing the Big Sur event - especially after the warm invitation from our friends @ Bose and seeing how much fun you guys had.

Either way you're always welcome here for a tour of my pit rig and crazy backstage environment. The rest of the city we'll just have to tackle together but we shouldn't go hungry or thirsty!

Take care
Hi Joseph,

He's doing great. I was working in Manhattan the week immediately prior to the East Coast bash, and stopped in to visit with Joe, see his crazy backstage world, and share some pizza. If I recall, he had to fly back to SoCal for a special Jersey Boys event the same weekend of our conference, and thus wasn't able to make the trip north.

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