Tell us what instrument and microphones you use

Originally posted by Craig-at-Bose:
In order to make sure we are delivering new ToneMatch presets that meet your needs we would love to gain additional insight into what instruments and microphones you currently use or plan to use with the L1(tm) system and T1 ToneMatch(tm) audio engine. I'm setting up this discussion
as a way to capture this information. Please reply and let us know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, new to this site and don't know if my posts got through. Forgive me if you already received this. I use a audio-technica ATW-T341, would like to see some pre-sets for this mic. And also some vocal pre-sets, I realize there are many settings for different mics, however would still like to some to work with. Hope you would consider this. Thanks
I am using:
- Shure SM 58
- Shure Beta SM 58A
- Taylor 412 CE
- Nord Electro 3 HP

Everything sounds great!, Exept for the Nord , can't find a preset that sounds good with it.

Also for the Shure SM 58 a Sennheiser preset sounds better. The Shure Beta preset for the beta is golden though.

I really want a preset for my Nord , The general Keys sounds good, for every other instrument than Piano. The Piano sounds horrible, a lot of bass is missing.
Just got new sennheiser g3 em 500-935 UHF microphone system and connected it to T1 as sennheiser 855 which was OK for the g2 mikes but had to lower top by 5.0. Not sure if we are getting the best out of it like this. Also got Seymour Duncan pickups on one of my Strats and wonder which preset would be best as I'm not convinced the usual Fender Stratocaster one brings out the best. Also any plans on introducing an overdrive effect? Phil.
On my L1 Model 2 with B2 bass unit and T1 ToneMatch, I use an EV RE320 for vocals on channel 1, channel 2 switches off between a Parker Bronze (Concert) Fly, an Ovation 1868TX and a Martin 00CXAE guitar. Channel 3 is a Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano, and channel 4/5 is an Alesis SR-16 or SR-18.
Favourite microphones (for now)
Neumann KMS 105 (Classic Preset #12)
AKG C535 EB (Classic Preset #12)
Beyerdynamic M 88 TG (Classic Preset 07)

Hi ST -
Can you tell us how you are using the Neumann KMS 105 in your set up? Are you using it for vocals? If so, being a condensor, is it prone to feedback thru the L1? How would you compare it to a Shure SM58?
Thank you!

By the way, the link for the electric guitar you posted in this post is broken...
Need a tone for seinheiser 935 mic. Best mic i ever used. Ive owned alot, Ev used to be favorite but the 935 is <***>a hot perfect mic....
I play a ovarion 2078 lx so got that, but also need a fishman preamp optikns menu.. for variius different guitars. Many have fishman my backup guitar is dean keylargo with fishman pre...

I also use this with band, i use same mic but play les paul dc into fender twin reverb use seinheiser 935 mic.... looking forward to getting tone sets please....

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Hello Im brand new new here, and new with BOSE

just got mine yesterday
Bose L1 model 2
with B2 sub
and tone Match

I play on Guitar Variax Line 6
use Sennheiser Headset ME3 EW

Still messin with it for the best sound, have my first gig with it tomorrow, hope it lives up to my expctations...

If any have good settings for my instruments, then I am open for ideas

I've checked out a small Shure drum kit set of mics using the "Hand Percussion SM-57" setting with satisfactory results on the PG56's for toms and snare. Use the "General Kick" for the PG52 with similar result. Looking to try to get our stage volume down so hopefully we'll soon migrate to using just the kick mic for some oomph.

For now, I'm doing my best to work the guys into this radical shift away from central mixing the analog side to 4 T1 equipped L1-M2's units, 2 w/ B1's and 2 w/ B2 bottoms.

Very happy with the "66 P-Bass" setting for my ho-made P and the General Keyboard setting worked well last night for our keyboardist. Used the house system, but space was tight so I had him share a L1-M2 w/B2 & T1 with me. He was skeptical whether it would be enough for both of us. Made a believer out of him last night. On a synth solo he heads low at the end to signal to the guitar player that it is time to come in. He would normally get buried in the bass of the mix, but not last night. It cranked.

Now if I can get the drummer and guitarist on board with a session to work out all 4 T1's, we might have something.

The guitarist uses 3 amps to get "his sound." He complains that his sound level on stage is so high because it drops off out front. I'm splaining that "his sound" needs to be small and in the BOSE. He got the news that once properly into the BOSE, this "drop off" will be substantially reduced, but "his sound" has to become small to get there.

To be continued...

I just received my Bose L1 Model 2, B2 with Tone port. I am already amazed even though I have not had much time to test it be for my upcoming performance this Friday April 30, 2014. I perform about four times a month. The equipment I use now with the Bose is:
Taylor 614CE
TC Helicon Harmony-GTX
Apple IPOD with backing tracks.
I have two KoAloha ukuleles. One is a custom Tenor (low-G) ukulele with a built in pcikup (LR Baggs?)

The other is a custom D-VI tenor six string designed specifically for Daniel Ho to play slack key guitar style songs. It has a pickup as well -- not sure the type.
Hi Ludger,

Thank you for joining the Forum.

Try this Preset for the Sennheiser e865

Category: Vocal Mics
Preset: Shure Beta 57A


Category: Vocal Mics
Preset: Shure Beta 87A

Please let us know how these work for you.


Originally posted by Ludger:
- Sennheiser e935 (dynamic)
- Sennheiser e865 (kondensor, wireless)
Using the Sennheiser preset for e855 it's ok for the e935 (also dynamic) but not really happy for the e865 (kondensor).
Anybody with a better idea for the e865?

Shure Super 55 for vocals and instrument mic'ing of Martin D35, HD28, Epiphone MM50 mandolin, Taylor GA8-12.

Ear Trumpet Labs Josephine model.

Electrics: Washaburn J-10 Archtop Jazz model; Gibson 335; Fender Telecaster.

Englehardt EC-1 Standup bass either mic'ed or with Fishman bridge pickup.
Hi there I've just taken delivery of my L1 Model II system today. Guitar wise I use a Yamaha APX20D acoustic and various Shure mics, but the one mic that is not listed on Tonematch is the Shure Super 55. The Yamaha is a old model so it might be unlikely to get included in the Tonematch presets but I think Yamaha guitars in general would be a useful inclusion.

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