Still have feedback issues with my KMS 105 mic, so I use my Beta58 most of the time.
I have a Sennheiser 421 I would like to sometimes use thru the BOSE for kick drum.There is no preset for this yet.Also, no preset yet for connecting a Bass Pod xt yet.I use it for bass keyboard sounds.Lots of tweaking..
Upright Kay Bass w/K&K Wing-slot mount double-piezo-transducer element (Bass Max)
Fiddle w/piezo-transducer element

Martin 000-15S thru AKG C1000S
Martin 00-18S thru AKG C1000S
Weber Mandolin thru AKG C1000S
Frailing/clawhammer-style Banjo thru AKG C1000S

Vocals thru EV 767a
Vocals thru SM58
I am a jazz musician and use archtop type guitars a gibson ES175 and a hand made jazz guitar that has a Cronin guitar with a single Kent Armstrong pickup. I am sure that the gibson ES175 archtop sound would be similar to the Cronin guitar sound.

Do you plan on adding a preset for jazz guitars?
Please advise
Just capturing interest in the Shure KSM9.

Originally posted by JED:
I currently use a Beta 58A with the L1 preset and am very pleased with the clarity, presence, and power of the vocal channel. However, I've ordered a KSM9 and would really like to see Bose do some "tweaking" of the Shure presets in order to find a "sweet spot" for this high-end, very costly vocals mic. Can we expect to see anything from you guys on a KSM9 preset? Hope so.

Jim Davidson
Bluffton, SC

See it in context
Thanks so much for the interest in keyboard presets. I have the L1 Model II Twin Base with ToneMatch. I play a Yamaha PSR 3000 through the system and for lack of a preset for it, and a general shortage of keyboard presets, have found the Taylor Guitar T5 provides the most pleasing and richest sound for it. I also play a Kawai CP 175 through the system and the Taylor T5 setting is a bit much for it and I've really not found any comparable preset for it so it's just on General Keyboard and its sound lacks some substance and is a little disappointing. I have the Shure SM58 microphone which does have a pre-set and it's wonderful.

I am so thankful for the interest now in providing keyboard presets such as I asked some time ago. In my prior requests for more and appropriate keyboard presets it was explained to me why keyboards needed none, but since there are some presets in the T1 that make them sound noticeably better, I don't agree. A good preset or setting can make all the difference in the world with this system on a keyboard as well as the other instruments and equipment.

Thanks again for the interest in keyboards, and thanks also for a fantastic sound system. Once you get one of these systems you're through fooling with that and can go on about your music knowing it will sound better than ever before.

1) Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard
2) Kawai CP 175 digital piano
3) Shure SM58 microphone

God bless.
For mics:
Rode S1 - my favorite
AKG c900 - a close second
(Obviously I'm a big fan of condensers)

For guitars:
Variax Acoustic 700 - my workhorse
Takemine Ltd Edition 2001 - my baby
Little Martin LX1E - for traveling light

I'd love some ToneMatch suggestions for the Tak and the Little Martin. To my ear, I've been using flat for the Tak and the generic piezo setting for the Martin... Any other suggestions would be very welcome.
Audix D5
Shure Beta 58
Shure SM58

Instruments (in order of usage)
Carruthers CB4 Bass
Carruthers CB5 5 String Bass
Fender American Series Jazz Bass
Fender American Series Jazz 5 String Bass
Parker Fly 5 String Bass
Parker Fly Mojo Flame Guitar
Carruthers ACS Electric Acoustic
Carvin CC275 Electric Acoustic
Taylor 310 CE Acoustic
Martin B1 Acoustic Bass

Other Band Members:
Roland V-Drums Club
Roland Keyboard (forgot the model)
Korg Keyboard (yep, forgot that one too)
PRS Electric Guitar - Pod XT
Fender Strat - Pod XT
Strat w/ Digitech RP250 & GK3/GR-33 synth rig
Ibanez PM100 (Pat Metheny signature model, single pup)
Godin Grand Concert (MIDI/nylon)
Variax 300 nylon
Takamine CG132CS classic
Alvarez Denver Belle 5-string w/Barcus-Berry transducer through a BOSS AD-5 processor
Next up... an electric fiddle of some kind

Shure Sm-58

My nylon guitars and Roland synth I presently run flat, preset 14 on the Shure and 28 on the Strat.
Vocal mics Me-Shure SM58( SM58 preset) Wife- Sennheiser ES835(high gain bright preset) I've also got an Audix OM5(great mic) but I like the proximity effect with my SM58 better.

Acoustic Guitars 1955 Martin D18, 1973 Martin D18S, 2003 Larrivee D03MT, 2006 Gibson Advanced Jumbo- All used with a LR Baggs M1 passive PU. I use a variety of presets, including some of the M1's and some of the Taylor presets. Some of the Taylor presets also work great with my brother in laws Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker equipped Martin D28.
2005 Tacoma JK28C with Fishman Ellipse Aura. I use the Tacoma JK50 images in the aura and the LR Baggs element pre set in my T1.
I just purchased an Audix OM5, and tried it head to head with my EV 767a. I like the low end better for my voice on the EV. The Audix seems to need a higher gain setting on the L1, to get the same volume, and I haven't found a preset that lets it sound quite as good as the EV.

The preset for the OM6 seems to sound the best to my ear, but still not quite as good as the EV.

Oh well, I finally have a backup mic, and even though it sounds great, not quite as good as my EV. Maybe I'll sell it on Ebay, and get another EV. It just seems to brighten up the low end on my baritone voice.
RanSong DR-1000 Acoustic with Element
(I've ordered a SunRise Pickup for the Rainsong as well as for my Martin. I'm also getting a Solstice Preamp.

I have a Martin D16 GTE acoustic too.

I'm thinking of gettng a Electrovoice 867 vocal mic too.
I'm currently using the Composite I beam preset for my RainSong, it sounds pretty sweet with a tad of tweaking.

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