I use a Charis SJ cedar top guitar with a LR baggs m1 active pickup and a Senheiser e935 usually. It would be nice to get some more updated mic presets. The t1 is great but you are really limited in what you can do if it's not programed for your instrument/mic.. It still sounds pretty good though.
Good Evening Fellow Bose L1 music makers.
I have a 1980 D35 with Fishman thinline under the saddle. Right now I use the Martin D28 setting..........why? Haven't experimented much.
Does anyone with my gear use something else they feel is more worthy of the instrument?
e stalks
I just got a used L1-MII and love it -- I'm using a Heil PR35 mic and a Composite Acoustics GX with a Fishman Prefix T pickup system in it, as well as a Godin Duet Ambience nylon-string guitar. Not sure yet what mic/guitar settings to use for these but I'm looking into that!
Shure SM58 for vocal
Fun stuff.
Shure Beta 57A for saxophone

Yanagisawa SS992PG Soprano
Kessler Tenor (Awesome made in China horn)
Selmer Paris Super Action II Jubilee Tenor
The Martin Tenor 1954

Bose Compact system and Marshall guitar amp with TC Helicon vocal pedal - In December, the F1 and T1 will be added!!
Hi bguy44,

The "PLEASE HELP" would seem to indicate that you're hHaving problems somewhere. I can't however see anything in your post describing any problems, just a list of different pieces of equipment which is just what this part of the forum is for. If you're not having any problems, then just ignore the rest of what I've written here.

Should you be having problems with any part of your equipment we'll be more than happy to see if we can help you to solve them.

I would ask you, however, to post a more detailed description of any problems you may be having in the "Technical Questions & Issues" Forum where you'll probably find help quicker, and not derail this Forum from its function as a place to list your equipment.

Here's a link to that forum:

Technical Questions & Issues

Just click on " new" and then on " discussion" and then under " subject" give your problem/question a name.



Hi ~

Apologies in advance, as I have not read EVERYTHING in this forum, so if this has been discussed send me there please.

I am curious what eQ one should be using when the presets are not in the Tone Match.  Specifically I use a AGK D-5 for vocals and I have a "Lyric" in my Santa Cruz OM.

Any help appreciated, In advance, THANKS



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Craig-at-Bose posted:
In order to make sure we are delivering new ToneMatch presets that meet your needs we would love to gain additional insight into what instruments and microphones you currently use or plan to use with the L1(tm) system and T1 ToneMatch(tm) audio engine. I'm setting up this discussion as a way to capture this information. Please reply and let us know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I use an epiphone ej200 and play mid size venues (between 2-500 people). I love my bose setup but I'm looking to really tune in the guitar. Anyone have a good preset?

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SM58 and Beta 58A, AKG WMS40 Mini - vocal mics. Use the Beta 58A more than the others.

Takamine Pro1 Jumbo 12 string (primary guitar), Godin A6 Ultra - (secondary guitar).

The Takamine uses a CT4B II Preamp System with 3-band EQ, Volume Control and Built-in Tuner.

The Godin has two pickups - one under-saddle for acoustic sound and one magnetic at the end of the fretboard for electric sound. It has an on-board pre-amp/mixer.

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