In order to make sure we are delivering new ToneMatch presets that meet your needs we would love to gain additional insight into what instruments and microphones you currently use or plan to use with the L1(tm) system and T1 ToneMatch(tm) audio engine. I'm setting up this discussion as a way to capture this information. Please reply and let us know.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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My main Electric Guitar

--== click the picture to see it in context ==--
I frequently run this on Classic preset #35 (Paul Reed Smith Custom 22) - clean - straight in, especially when playing with an "unplugged" ensemble.

The existing preset is nice but the 513 has several more pickup combinations than an Custom 22. Custom 22 = 5 pickup combinations, 513 = 13.

Acoustic Guitar is a one-off Morgan with passive Fishman under saddle piezo pickup that sounds stunning with the Classic Taylor ToneMatch™ preset #90 (Dreadnaught Finger-Style).

Favourite microphones (for now)
Neumann KMS 105 (Classic Preset #12)
AKG C535 EB (Classic Preset #12)
Beyerdynamic M 88 TG (Classic Preset 07)

Favourite Beach Guitar (okay - outdoors with inclement weather looming).

--== click the picture to see it in context ==--

Funny lookin' I know. A cross-over piezo with super slick neck for the metal-head looking to go "unplugged".

This sounds exactly like most of the super slimline Ovations from the late 80s - the ones with OP24 electronics.

Very characteristic Ovation of the day.

edit: repaired image link
Ovation standard balladeer with Fishman Neo-D soundhole pick-up

Shure 55SH Series II mic

EDIT: for the 55, I am now using a "BBE custom 58 preset" thanks to Cliff and MikeZ

Audix OM-5
Shure beta57a

? - upright bass with "bridge type" pick-up

EDIT: bass pick-up is David Gage; not sure which model. I think the Gage presets are in the T1 now (edit 9-22-08)

Music Man Bongo dual-humbucker w/piezo

Fretless Music Man Bongo single pickup w/piezo

Taylor 354ce ( guitarist tells me the dynamics of a 6 and a 12 are different...would a 12-string-specific preset make a difference??)

Pearl alto and tenor flutes

Shure SM86
Shure Beta 87A

Alesis SR16 drum machine
SM 58
Senn. 835 using the 855 preset.

Taylor 414 LE with expression system and the LR Baggs imix (ibeam and element) It's like 3 pickups in one guitar. I wonder how it would sound going into 3 L1s.
I like the taylor grand Aud. fingerstyle and the new GS. I just got the Baggs preset so I'm still testing.

Taylor nylon string with fishman. I had used it flat with pretty good results, but now I'm loving the new nylon preset on the T1.

Godin Multiac nylon: same as above

Taylor T5: Flat when doing solo and t5 preset with groups.

Hi My son plays an NS 5 string electric violin as well as an acustic with an audio tecnica wireless mic system.
Guitar center could not find the manual. Where can I learn about presets and other settings.
The electric violin sounds great on some strings and very soft on other strings. We need to learn more.
Thanks for any help.
Neumann KMS105 99% of the time

Shure SM58 rarely anymore

Taylor 615-CE Jumbo (maple, strum preset)
-- NOT Expression
-- B-Band A-11 undersaddle & preamp
-- Baggs Para-DI
-- Roland GR-33 synth

Guild 412 Maple Jumbo 12-string
-- Fishman undersaddle
-- Endpin preamp, no controls :-(

Fender Telecaster
-- Boss FDR Fender Deluxe Reverb model pedal

Gretsch Jumbo Westerner (Backup 6-string acoustic)
-- Fishman Matrix Blend - don't use mic
Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
Hofner 500/1 Bass
Kona Walkingstick Upright Electric Bass (piezo)
Fender Telecaster Custom
Rickenbacker 360-12
Rickenbacher B-6 Lap Steel
Zager ZAD80-OM Acoustic

Audix OM-5
Audix I-5
Audix D-6 (for the drummer!)

Roland HDP-15 Handsonic Percussion Synth
Casio 1980 VL-Tone Mini-Keybd/Calculator (really! sounds huge w/ L1!)

Acoustic Guitars:
Martin OM28 with LR Baggs Dual Source pickup.
Babicz Identity with LR Baggs Element pickup.

Audix OM5
Crown Headset (I use the Crown Preset in the L1 Classic. T1 doesn't appear to have the same preset).
AKG CS1000 condenser
AKG D8800

I guess I'd better ring in on this one too. Most of you have read what I normally use.

Acoustic guitars with combination of pickups or alone (Breedlove C1 C2 CM RD, Larrivee, Collings C10, Goodall Grand Concert, Lowden L32CP, Pederson, Simon & Patrick CW)
-Fishman SBT
-Joe Mills Mic
-Fishman Rare Earth
-Mama Bear

Electric guitars
-Fender Strat Plus American
-Yamaha AE 1200S L5 copy
-Godin Radiator
-Yamaha AEX502 hollow body

Nylon string guitars
-Godin ACS
-La Patrie Collection

-National Resolectric

-Ibanez RB690IV

-Audio Technica ATM61HE
-Shure Beta 87A
-Shure SM58
Originally posted by golfer:
Hi Craig,
We are a trio. Use Tyros 2 keyboard, Epiphone guitar, both Solid and hollow, and a wireless, Shure 87A Mike.
I am not very computer smart, so will need advise regarding how to download new presets.

Golfer, Sedona, AZ

You won't need to download anything for your microphone or keyboards. I think you are covered with the presets that are pre-installed with the T1™ when you get it.

As for the Guitars, I don't see any presets specifically for Epiphones, but if you tell us which ones you have, someone may have some suggestions.

For your acoustic Epiphone, I would try some of the Taylor ToneMatch™ presets that are already loaded in the T1™.

So you probably don't need them but if you do want to download and try some of the other presets, the instructions are here:

New ToneMatch(tm) Presets and Software
Seagull S6 with LR Baggs pickup and EV N/D967 for solo shows;
Paul Reed Smith CE24 through a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 mic'd with a Sennheiser e609 and an Audix OM5 for vocals during the rock band shows.

My back-up guitar is an '88 Hamer Semihollow (335 style) with Ducan Design pickups.

Damage Control pedals occasionally direct in...would be great to nail some presets with them. I use these when I'm on the road. A whole lot nicer to have a guitar and a couple of pedals than having to lug around an expensive amp too.

<recent edits to update list of some new equipment and to clarify>
Originally posted by BigKyle-at-Bose:

Damage Control pedals occasionally direct in...would be great to nail some presets with them.

GREAT idea.

It would be cool if you could write an article for the wiki about getting good tone using Damage Control pedals such as the Womanizer...what settings you like, considerations for different types of music, considerations for use with the L1.

This topic is of interest to me in my role as a's challenging to offer tube-purist guitarists who are joined at the hip to their beloved amps alternatives that they'll accept. I usually don't even try to go there other than showing them the Womanizer and suggesting they try it (which never makes any impression at all). For demos I just plant a mic in front of their amp and leave it at that.

Audix OM-5
Shure SM-58

Mandolin with McIntyre film piezo pickup.
Sheerhorn dobro with piezo pickup.
Alvarez-Yari guitar with piezo pickup and on-board preamp.
Heritage Golden Eagle archtop with magnetic, routed-in pickup.
Guitarra Portugesa with piezo pickup.
Martin D-18 with K&K piezo pickup.

Taylor 714ce w/Fishman on-board preamp
Taylor K65 12-string w/Rare Earth dual pickup/mic
Brock large cittern/Irish bouzouki w/McIntyre guitar pickup (thinking of changing pickup if any suggestions)

Shure beta 58 (3 vocal mics)

rest of the band:

Nick Blanton compact hammered dulcimer w/dampers and pickup
200-year old German fiddle with Crown GLM 200 condensor mic

Weltmeister 90-bass accordion
Hanes flute w/ wooden headstock
Alberto Alfonse Irish bodhran
? black pennywhistle (pvc)
occasional low whistle (brass)
Taylor 910 Custom (Cocobolo/Redwood) w/ES
Taylor K65 12 string Jumbo w/ES
Taylor 912ce Custom (Cocobolo/Engelmann) w/ES
Taylor T5

No problems with T1 Taylor presets and just a bit of tweaking -- They do the job very well. The only thing I'd love to see is a preset for Taylor Jumbo 12 string models!

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