One of my band mates has one of those.  Not only do we not need it (we have three world class singers and don't need the crutch of voice doubling) but he sits closest to the L1s that we use and therefore his vocal mic is very prone to feedback - as is the next guy with a Voice Live 3, more potential for feedback from his vocal as well.  We sort of live on the edge.

My best guess without experimenting with their boxes is that it's the high-mid/high freq content in the EFFECTS - mainly reverb - and there may be a way to adjust the EQ of the effects to dial some of it away...

So again, I've moved the L1s as far forward and on our right (with the B2 sub even further) as I can while still getting enough side wash to monitor with.

Good luck, I haven't always had enough luck with those TCs...

I too am having issues with my G-XT. In the middle of a song, I am experiencing heavy delay, so that the words are repeated through my Bose L1 a few seconds later than they are sung (I am not using a monitor, and the Bose is about 5 feet behind me over my left shoulder).  I don't have an instrument connected to it, just my mic, and have only the Reverb Hall Fx on, with doubling (harmonies off).  The Fx setting is at about 9 o'clock. gain at 12. This has happened with other people's sound systems as well. I usually put it away for awhile after that happens, and then try it again. It works for awhile and then it will randomly do this delay thing, which makes it impossible to continue the song, it's so bad.  I should have tried adjusting the Fx by moving off the setting, but I just quit the song and unplugged it. Anyone else experience this and, more importantly, any tips on fixing it? Thank you!


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