Hi everyone -anyone.

I've just purchased a T8S. It hasn't arrived yet which means I'll be picking everyone's brain here to be ready for when it does. (If I'm in the wrong place I apologize.)

My first question of many to come :

"I have 2 T1 mixers  that I power with 2 L1 M2 speaker systems.If I wanted to run the T1 mixers into the T8S ( say via 9/10) would I have to purchase 2 T1 power supplies or is there a way to power the T1 mixers without sending an audio signal to the 2 Model II speaker systems  ?"


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Hi Starvin,

That's an interesting question. Thanks for asking.

You'll need two T1 Power Supplies, one for each T1.

You can't draw power-only from an L1 Model II Power Stand. The T1 will send an audio signal back to the L1. There's no way to defeat that.



Hi Starvin,


  • Greater noise rejection
  • You can run cables a hundred feet or more


  • Greater susceptibility to noise
  • You should not run signal cables longer than 6-8 meters (20-25 feet)
  • Signal strength is typically -6 dB less than balanced (if both ends support a balanced connection and you used an unbalanced cable)

Unbalanced is common for instrument connections and consumer connections (RCA for example) and speaker cables.

Balanced is the standard for pro audio for signal cables.

How does this apply to your Bose Portable PA equipment?

See Balanced and Unbalanced


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