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I have two L1 model 1s with two B1s and a B2.  I want to add a pair of F1s for large venues.  I use a t8 mixer.  If the L1s are plugged into the mains, and the aux has no reverb, how do I get a signal to the F1s?

The T8S Aux 1 output has reverb. Use the Aux 1 output for the first F1 Model 812 and daisy-chain that to the second F1 Model 812.

Here are some notes on how to use the T8S Aux outputs.

T8S Aux Outputs

[local image not available]

Please click the picture for more details.



The T8S has two pairs of main outputs.

You can connect the L1 systems like this.

and the F1 systems like this.

Click any of the pictures above for more details.

Does that help?




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