Thx ST....I am looking to connect various laptops via the 1/8" jack to various channels on the T8 ...some for projectors etc.,etc.   Can this be done, and what kind of cables would you recommend  ...xlr / 1/4" etc.? Maybe 5 or 6 devices plugged in between mics, laptops, etc.,etc ... Also, I was told to use the 9/10 jack to plug a laptop into, but I cannot mute the sound when doing this .....?



Hi Newguy,

Are you running stereo?

You're right, using the Aux inputs 9/10, there are no physical volume controls. You have to control the volume at the source (laptop) or turn the Rotary Selector to PAN/AUX and use the soft controls.

Please tell us about what you're doing with all those sound sources?



Hello St....


thanks for taking the time to assist me. To lay it all out, I am using a L1 M2 with tone match. I recently purchased the T8 hoping that it would remove some issues.


Here is one scenario

T4 Tonematch

This is (was) a typical setup with my L1 M2 with T4 tone match

1) primary laptop (music) on first input

2) second laptop plugged is as backup for first and or used from time to time for music videos to a searate projector

3) wired microphone plugged into 3

4) cordless mic plugged into 4




Last week, I had a gala where I had

a) laptop with music

b) second laptop with video running on 1 screen

c) third laptop showing slideshow on another screen

d) 2 wired mics for podiums

e) 4 wired mics for symphony members

f) two headset mics for actors

I did all of this with the T4 unplugging and plugging things into the T4 tone match  - and it was nuts


My hope was that the T8 would resolve this.


This week, I have an event where I will need the following

(all plugging into my Bose L1 M2)

a) primary laptop for music

b) second laptop for videos

c) third laptop for slideshows

d) two wired microphones

e) wireless mic for emcee

(and this is without having my backup laptop plugged in)


So having said all of that, it is possible to plug into channels 1 to 8 with these other devices (assuming that I am using jacks 9&10 for the primary laptop)...and if so, what type of connector (cord) do you recommend?  - (laptops will all have the 1/8" jack)




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