Yesterday while I was rehearsing and my 6 month old T8S went crazy. It started flashing and causing unwanted noise and sounds coming through the L1 model II speakers & B2 subs. I quickly proceeded to turn off the speakers, mixer and keyboard. I then unplugged everything and went upstairs to think through what had happened.

Today I took a pair of headphones back to my studio and turned on my power and the keyboard only. After plugging in the headphones to the keyboard, I checked to see if the keyboard was okay and it was.

I then turned off the keyboard and turned on the mixer and it immediately started flashing. I did not turn on the speakers because it was obvious to me the noise issue is  an issue with the T8S.

I then called Bose and spoke with a Tech who asked me to send the mixer in for repair. Bummer. Lots of jobs and no mixer.

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Just received notice that Bose is sending me a T8S. I am not sure if this is the one they repaired or a new one.

Reason I ask is, I had all of the current upgrades installed on mine. If they sent a new one, I have to do all of that again. Bummer Thanks

Just received the T8S back from Bose. Unfortunately there is no explanation as to the problem. So I called the repair number again and ended up with a gal from the Philippines. She could not enlighten me so she connected me with another male in the Philippines and from what I could understand I think he indicated that Bose found no problems with my T8S.

I didn't make this up, there very well was some flashing and noise, hence the reason I called Bose. I plan to plug it in again this evening, If I have the same issue, I'll go back to my T1 and scrap the 8. Take care all.

I plugged it in with zero defects. Then I connected the keyboard, mic and L1 models II with 2 sticks and 2 B2's. No issues there also but I did not keep it on very long. My plan is to have a sound engineer come over and we will put it through it's paces for a while to see if we can imitate what happened earlier. Thanks for asking.

So having purchased a couple B2 a wile back and just received my T8S back from Bose repair, I thought I would check to see if all my Firmware updates are current. I quote from the B2 manual, "If your power stand firmware is not current, the rear panel switch must be in the Normal position or switch positions will not work" For the latest firmware visit

Sorry to report but there is absolutely zero information on the site about firmware. So how do I know if my power stands and T8S have the latest firmware and if they are not undated, how do I go about finding the instructions for downloading firmware?

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