I am expecting delivery of the T8S this week. What are you using to protect it during transport?  I know it comes with a plastic cover, but so does the T1.  But the T1 also has a canvas cover to protect it. It doesn’t look like the T8S has that. Why?  What are T8S users using?  I’m concerned about banging/scratching it up when traveling to gigs and practice. Is Bose planning to design a cover?  I’d appreciate any ideas others have.  



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Hi Dave,

Bose hasn't announced plans for a carrying case or slip cover for the T4S or T8S.

The hard cover for the T4S and T8S protects all the ports on the back. Only the headphone jack on the side is exposed. The T1® cover left all the ports exposed and the cloth cover helped with that.

I've seen people toss their T1®s into a bag along with cables and microphones and bits and pieces of hardware. I cringed to see it but I never saw any significant damage as a result. 

I like the design of the T1® cover, but the T4S/T8S cover is a one-piece design. There's no moving parts to break. Although I've never broken one of those covers, I know others who have.

I'm using a large SLR camera bag from another life for the T8S and microphones.

You can't see it in the pictures, but there are generous pockets on the ends and an expandable section on the back that holds the ToneMatch power supply and several cables.

I've been using this as a gig bag since the early 90s. It's indestructible.



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Thanks ST,

I was just thinking of a sleeve type thing to keep the scratches at bay.  Maybe just a pull string bag, or a laptop sleeve, or something of sorts.  I plan to carry it in a gig bag with other stuff, and don't want a another/separate bag, and just can't see doing it without protecting the plastic covers.  I'm sure I can find something.  Thanks for the ideas.  I appreciate it.


Hi Dave,

You got me thinking, and I remembered - I have a neoprene sleeve that measures 15" x 12".  It's about 17.5" diagonally. I picked it up for $3 at the dollar store (because a dollar just doesn't go as far as it used to).  It fits the T8S perfectly.  Do you have dollar stores in your area?

If not, you can find these kinds of sleeves on Amazon for a little more.

AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve - Purple


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I'm using Gator Cases G-MULTIFX-1110 Effects Pedal Bag 11x10"  and fits very snugly but it is perfect.. I know the shape (square one) doesn't look right, but that is actually what makes the bag ideal, stretching a bit yet padded inside...

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T8S carry bag


I had been looking around Office Max for a briefcase for my T8, but didn't love the $39-69 range.  The $120 and up cases looked better, but I'm trying to economize since the T8 purchase.

Found this bag out in my back garage, in a box of things my son has forgotten about, I thank him for that.

It's free, light & breezy, has a shoulder strap, holds any neccessary T8 accessories, and power supply, and fits inside my SKB trap case, which holds mic stands, L1 towers or Compact extensions.

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