Hello peterdpham,

Connect the Mackie mixer left and right outputs to the T4S channels 5/6 Aux Inputs.  See notes here: Aux Inputs to set the levels at 100%. Pan both hard right.

Connect the T4S to the L1 Model II Power Stand as usual with the ToneMatch cable.

If you need more detail, please provide a link to the owners guide for your Mackie mixer. I'd be happy to read that with you.

Thank you,


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Hi ST,

I played the music either on youtube or Sportify, the ouput very loud; however, the inputs from guitar, mic, keyboard are very low.  the TS4 master volume when playing youtube or Sportify is 1/10 of the volume knob, it can "blow" the house. When play from guitar, keyboard etc, the ts4 master must go up half scale (5/10).

Any idea?

Thank you

Hi Peterdpham,

How are you connecting the YouTube and Spotify Inputs? It sounds like you need to lower the input trim settings for those inputs or lower the channel volumes for those inputs.

If you need more help with this, please give us all the details about the connections:

  • Tablet or computer
  • USB or analog connection
  • Connecting to the Mackie mixer or the T4S




Hi peterdpham,

You've got a couple of choices here. The easiest is to turn down the volume on the laptop.

If you want to get more involved, you can redirect the USB B from PC to T4S Channel 4. Please see USB B from PC for more details.

This will let you control the volume from the laptop with the T4S channel 4 volume control. 

Does that help?


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