Thanks for your response. We have a Boss V8 Acoustic Singer and a Boss V20 Vocal Performer. I would welcome your thoughts on how you connect to the t4s and if you use the effects on the pedal or the effects in the mixer. Thanks! for what ever you care to share on that 

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Hi Songcatcher.  While I've used my ToneMatch with my Boss V8 and S1Pro, I tend not to do it that way. I like to keep my whole setup battery-powered and the ToneMatch isn't capable of battery power.  Also, the time or two I've used the ToneMatch it was because I wanted to use my S1Pro and I needed to have more than two inputs. 

In general, I tend to use the effects from Boss V8 (reverb, chorus) because I like the way I can easily control the effects level.  Sometimes, just to change things up, I'll use the reverb on the S1Pro, but to me there isn't a significant difference between the V8 or the S1Pro reverbs.  Keep in mind, I'm also not that picky -- I want a little reverb for live sound and live sound usually means a less than ideal, often noisy and chaotic venue. I don't need perfect sound in that case. I just need effective sound. And just as importantly, ease of use and adjustment of my equipment in a real-time gig situation. 

As for how I set up the Boss V8 with the ToneMatch, best I recall I just connected the mic out from the Boss V8 to one of the Tone Match channels and did the same thing with the guitar channel. 

Sorry, no real magic stuff here. But by using Bose, Boss and other dependable gear, I get the sound I want to support the playing and singing I do.

BTW, since I can't use the ToneMatch with battery power, I've started using a Grace Design BIX Acoustic pre-amp pedal. It works great!  Ironically, it only has a high and mid tone controls (no mids like the S1 Pro), but it does a great job providing eq adjustments.  It runs on batteries and has boost and mute switches as well.

And speaking of batteries, I don't use regular batteries.  I use rechargable lithium batteries (Sanyo eneloop juice and Big Joe Stomp Box Power Box). Using batteries only provide a lot of freedom and options at a gig. You just need to get in the habit of charging up all your goodies before a show. In my case: two S1Pros, three Sanyo eneloops, one Big Joe Power Box, and my iPad.

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