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I can record from the T4s to Garageband, but the output level from the Ts4 is very low.  Nothing I do with the output level functions on the Ts4 seem to effect output.  Has anyone successfully recorded Ts4 to Mac?

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Hi Mike,

I don't have a Mac, but this is how I set the levels for recording on my Windows machines using Audacity. 

Set the channel trim controls so your inputs are just flickering red. Then push the channel volume controls up well beyond 12:00 o'clock. 

You can turn the Master way down - this won't affect the USB signal. You can  turn it off if you don't need live monitoring.

You can monitor the USB output levels:

  1. Turn the Rotary Selector to Prefs
  2. Turn the Menu selection to Output Level
  3. Watch the USB Output levels. You want them bouncing well to the right.

Monitor the levels in Garageband too.

Is that better?


Thank you.  That works great....and in hindsight seems so simple....and obvious,  I also set the output to "premaster", rather than post master.  Played through headphones with the L1 turned off...to avoid any feedback etc.  Worked like a charm.

Hi Mike,

Terrific. Thanks for coming back to tell us you've got things working.

By the way, the Master Volume doesn't affect the USB-B to PC output.  I'd put the master output back to post master fader to avoid surprises in the future.


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