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Note, older submitters will never see the fruit of their suggestions, but future young musicians may benefit.

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May you live a long and happy life and may you be surprised by what comes next.


A few hardware requests for the successors:

USB-C input for external power (which takes priority) that can also be used for standard PSUs and battery packs.

Digital Main Output on T8-2 for interconnect - doesn't have to power mixer as above.

S/PDIF output of main mix (RCA socket) that can be used for recording - an option to set pre-or post headphone fader.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a long time Bose fan, since before I was old and successful enough to own any of the products. Any time I have the opportunity to purchase a product offered by Bose, instead of one of their competitors, I do.

The T4S and T8S are advertised as being "DJ Mixers". Honestly, as a DJ, they are not. I would like them to be, because I'm planning to upgrade my mixer this year, but if you don't have at least two stereo channels, with individual rotary pots, and a crossfader between them, it's not suitable for DJing an event. (wedding, Bar Mitvah, party, etc.)

I'd love to get a mixer with the existing features of the T4S, with those few controls added to 5/6. Until then, I'll be forced to buy competing products.  

I would like one button that mutes all the fx on each channel like a regular mixer. We use it for our trio and all 3 speak so I have to be quick and mute all 3 channels together and unmute them together. It means I have no option but to put the 3 vocals together! One button please!!

Doug posted:

WAV/MP3 music streaming from Flash Drive

First, KUDOS for some of the new features in the T4S:
     Master Out EQ - Thank You! Now the system can be adjusted for the  room acoustics that are encountered in various venues!
     Stereo Out, to two L1 systems - Thank You! I can leave a lot of other paraphenalia home now.

MAJOR REQUEST: Provide option to have the music player stop after playing ONE music file from a flash drive.

I'm a solo musician who sings with backing tracks. When a song has finished, I do NOT want to have to jump back to the controls to stop the next song from playing. When the song has ended is when a good performer acknowledges and interacts with the audience. Taking attention away from the audience during the few crictical seconds after the music stops, by turning one's attention to a little screen and playing with little knobs, turns the audience OFF, and marks the difference between an amateur hour and a professional performance. 

I have to wonder just how music streaming from WAV/MP3 files is used by musicians on most stages: are they using streaming to provide background music during breaks, or, are many of them, like me, using the MP3s as backing tracks for the main part of the performance?

For those using backing tracks for their main performance, I can't see how anyone in that situation would want the WAV/MP3 player to jump to the next song in the list and start playing it automatically.

Ideally, the WAV/MP3 player, after finishing the playback of one song, would then automatically HIGHLIGHT the next song in the list, but WITHOUT starting playback. This way, the performer would just need to use one touch on the "SELECT" button when he/she is ready to start the next song playing.

PLEASE have your software writers turn their attention to this; it seems to me that it should be a fairly quick, easy programming detail to implement.


Doug Alt

Hi Doug,

I'm with you 100%.... Same here, I'm a solo vocalist using 100% backing tracks. One of the main reasons I bought the T4s was because of the CLAIM it had an in-built media player. I was so bitterly disappointed with it! Not only is it totally useless other than running background music, the display will not show more than 65 items, files or folders. Put 75 tracks in a folder and you'll only see 65 of them on the T4s. In addition to that, it's CLAIM to be able to play WAV files is also misleading, it should it can play "some" WAV files.

Like you suggested, I was so looking forward to... pick the song, press play. Then while performing that song, discretely get the next one highlighted. Song ends and STOPS, my next highlighted song starts on pressing play.

All it needs to transform the Player from useless to a great tool is the facility to turn auto-play on and off... simple. 


Good discussion & many relevent points raised . I`m the owner of a T1 & now T8 which I use in conjunction together .Mainly because the T8 did away with the combo channel of 4/5 which I find extremely useful when playing backing tracks/ having to make quick adjustments.

Like it or not its a competitive world , no offence intended for dropping other brand names  . My previoius mixer (which I sometimes still use ) is a QSC touchmix 16 

a couple of features "sacrificed" when moving to the Bose mixers that I personally would dearly love to see added are 

1. Remote Control with an ipad /tablet (whatever your device) its often important as a soloist to be able to make quick volume changes/or muting  when taking breaks . One might be playing at a wedding or casino (important announcements /draw prizes etc) its important & professional when you are as a soloist "the band" , mixer/soundman rolled into one . Additionally its nice to be able to listen to your backing tracks ,stand in front of the stage and make adjustments as desired . This is a common feature on just about every digital mixer I can think of . So for me personally its a letdown not to have this feature

2. More eq options . Again sorry to name drop , the QSC touch has virtually an endless amount of EQ in possobilities . Correct me if I `m wrong but it would be great to have a global EQ whereby you can Eq the room before getting "specific" with each instrument . The TS8 has improved over the T1 in this area but it could still be better 

3. I would like more options / great number of scene possibilites for saving . Again the QSC mixer has a virtual endless amount of scene options

as far as sound goes the Bose equipment is awesome . When I took a break at a gig recently I couldnt believe how good the "break" songs sounded

So I dont feel short changed in sound , just on features 

thanks for the oppourtunity to discuss



I was discussing the new T4S with a friend of mine who has been using his L1 M2 with T1 for years.  This guy is a really busy musician and plays 5 or 6 shows a week.   He had an interesting feature request for the T series mixers....He'd like to have a lighted digital clock along the top of the mixer, about where the Bose logo is.  He said that when he's playing shows, he tends to lose track of time and hates to look at his watch while on stage. 

I found this to be an interesting feature request.  It could be easily resolved by just sticking an inexpensive digital clock on your mixer but if it were factory, even better. 

Boy_Narf posted:

Just got the T8S. Here are two thoughts from me...

1. The ability to combine channel 9/10 volume control. I have it panned hard L/R, and have to adjust both knobs if there is a volume difference between songs.

2. Global Master Output EQ. Lowest point is 125hz? That is much to high for a full range system. I think there should be a 50hz band added, or at least widen what is currently there to start at 50hz.

Agree fully , although it is nice to have a "room" EQ availible , the bands should be wider and more flexible ,especially on the low end . peace :-)

Tonematch T8s requests,

A firmware update to fix Tuner,   The tuner is as erratic in a live environment, if difficult to get and accurate reading, even when all channels are muted,

A firmware update to fix the reverb,  even with the latest update the reverb still needs tweaked, the latest update is a vast improvement however I still think the reverb needs to clearer, and less muddy,  ( the original tonematch reverb is still 100% better) the difference between 20% and 25% on the settings to much,

The Gain setting knobs are not the reflective of the digital input screen levels on the display,  so the channel is set via the gain level knob, keeping the lights bellow red,  however with the levels on the digital display screen it shows the channel is peeking.  extra tweaking is required to prevent feedback , this means setting the gain levels with the channel unmuted, on trial and error,   not that professional,   esp when with the original tonematch we could sell all levels with all channels muted, 




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