Let's use this topic to capture our ideas for feature requests for the T4S/T8S ToneMatch Mixers.

Tell us what you would like to see added, and why.

We can't promise that Bose will acknowledge or act on every request, but you can be sure that they are following this discussion closely.


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My ideal system would be a T8s with an ethernet output compatible with Dante, MADI, EtherSound, or A&E ME-U.  For gigs large enough to need monitors, performers like individual mixes.  Looks like the T4/T8 aux outs are selectable per input channel, but I need each input routed to multiple outputs and separate monitor mixes. Something like the Dante or A&E ME-1 make this easy.  I currently carry the A&E QU-16 when I need these, but I find the mixer itself is big, bulky, and over-kill.  I also need to retain physical buttons and volume controls, like the T1/T4/T8.  iPad or iPhone mixer control surface do not work for me.



- Jim

I would like to stream audio backing tracks from the USB drive into the T8S mixer.

How is this accomplished?

Am I able to select tracks, start and stop them.

Is there some kind of transport controls for USB drives?

Not much clarification in manuals on how to navigate and use backing tracks.

I understand the routing of outputs, but that is all I see that is covered.


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Absolutely silly to have not allowed for usb midi control of effects in these new mixers.   Tap tempo addressed only from the mixer itself, come on Bose! Especially now that it looks like no easy way to mount on mic stand. Not even a dedicated tap button on the mixer?This should not be that complex to get right. There are cheap mixers with tap tempo control via 1/4 inch jacks. The usb ports are there,why not use 'em?

I've been using the T1 for years and figured the newer models would address this oversight.

Just got the T8S. Here are two thoughts from me...

1. The ability to combine channel 9/10 volume control. I have it panned hard L/R, and have to adjust both knobs if there is a volume difference between songs.

2. Global Master Output EQ. Lowest point is 125hz? That is much to high for a full range system. I think there should be a 50hz band added, or at least widen what is currently there to start at 50hz.

Louis Watson posted:

Another for one knob volume control for 5/6, 9/10

If we look at the time frame for upgrading from T1 to T4S it is going to be several years before Bose do an upgrade of a physical nature on the new mixers. 

Sadly, a new MKll version of T4S won’t arrive in my performing life.

I remember submitting feature requests when Bose was working towards T4/T8 S from the T1.

Does anybody have a list of user requests that actually made it to reality in these new mixers, or are we just fantasizing about things that we'd like to have but ain't gonna get?  

Once again, a USB port that can be used for Midi commands to control the awesome depth of these mixers is a no brainer.

Bose designers, are you able to tweak the firmware in these existing mixers to make this possible at some point, or is that only gonna happen ( maybe)  in the next edition? Can't buy this as it stands. I'll stick with T1 and other mixers.

Hi Rory,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. 

rory conway posted:

make the t8s have digital outputs to L1 systems,

Unfortunately, the L1 Model II and L1 Model 1S systems cannot provide enough power to reliably run the T8S.  More information here: T8S no ToneMatch port connection to L1®

make the effects more like the t1 tonematch,

We updated the T4S/T8S Reverb and acknowledge that it's not an exact match for the T1.  We're looking into that. The other settings should map T1->T4S/T8S with the exception of ParaEQ because we gave you three Parametric EQs for each channel.

blue tooth connect

Thanks for the suggestion.


I found this too.

i have two L1 systems standing next to each other. Run a T1 to one and T4S to the other. Play the same track at same levels with untouched EQ and the difference is very surprising.

my T1 sounds somehow muffled in comparison. As a vocalist I have had to spend extra time with the T4S running in rehearsal to refine my vocals as there really is nowhere to hide anymore which has been good for me.

The extra clarity I find has helped me widen my register - I suppose due to the fact I am working harder at the moment to meet the quality of the overall performance ....

Love the new mixers. Now thinking of replacing my last T1....

On the question of reverb I was prety miffed with the T4S to start with as the reverb is different to T1. 

Took me a while to get it as I like it as the settings are more complex. I found that for most who sing through my system the reverb is better, sweeter and more refined BUT harder to reach that sweet spot that’s preferred by each individual purely because if the added settings we can now tweak.

IMHO there is only one screaming blunder with the new T series and that is the missing overall volume pot for the music in channels.

I’ve dealt with mixers for concerts in the Royal Albert Hall and other major venues and lesser installs and live shows for over 30 years and I’m dumbfounded by this omission.

Just my thoughts....

Reverb does tend to be all or nothing, hence a colleague of mine runs with a BOSS VE20 pedal which is beautiful.

Just had a padded bag made for the T4S, fits beautifully and it’s a softer hard wearing fabric than the Bose T1 Codura bag.5EF45E11-CF2D-4BE4-BA17-B89E42BFF1F2C27E96E2-3A77-41A3-931C-F5799248CA5EC57CC24E-B309-4D6B-9255-9A5FDC6206EF

Cost me €35 and worth every cent.



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I was researching pairing the T4S  Tonematch to the S1 Pro amp to use in a busking scenario.  I wanted something that could be battery powered.  You don't need a power cord to pair the T4S with the L1 model 2 but you do with the S1 pro.  It would be great if Bose made the T4S Tonematch so that it could run on lithium batteries or be able to use the power from the S1 pro like it does with the larger P/A's.  I think  pairing the T4S with the S1 pro with both running on battery power would be the perfect busking rig.  

Improved AUX out feature needed!

Possible solutions for future FW updates:

Solution One.

An option to use a channel, let's say just ch4, as and output channel rather than an input?

this would also require a menu item available on ch 1-3, showing ch4 as a selectable destination. Selecting this would not stop the signal from going to the main out though. It would just go to ch4 as well, but ch 4 would NOT be sent to the main mix when selected as an output, only to AUX 1 or 2.

This would be to allow me to route ch 1-3 to channel 4 which would be an output, that can then be routed to either AUX out 1 or 2.

This would facilitate a 3 part mix to be sent to a monitor with control over not only individual volumes but also over the group volume independent of the main volume. This would be awesome!

Solution Two.

Add a menu command to enable ch4, (or all channels), to be routed discretely to the AUX outputs, bypassing the main mix. This would allow me as we discussed, to route ch 1-3 to AUX 1 then via a patch cable from AUX 1 to CH4 input, which could then be routed from ch4 to AUX2 discretely by selecting the new menu command above. (I would expect this to be easier than option one)?

This option should achieve the same result as option one, but without the need for the patch cable.

I think it shouldn't be too difficult for Bose to add this functionality.

I would really love it if it could be done.

I paid a LOT of money for the T4S, It should be making me breakfast in bed!

You can read more about this on the original thread:


ST posted:

Let's use this topic to capture our ideas for feature requests for the T4S/T8S ToneMatch Mixers.

Tell us what you would like to see added, and why.

We can't promise that Bose will acknowledge or act on every request, but you can be sure that they are following this discussion closely.


I would love to see:

1. a case or bag/ cover for T4

2.  like to see In the future 2 IEM (headphones)

3.  screen that could show the eq curv.  

4.  Bluetooth app / connectivity to stream and control T4

5.   Be able to use Aux in 5&6 and send out in Aux out 1&2



rory conway posted:

The reverb just seemed to be all or nothing 

I sent the t8s back.  I couldn’t work with the delays and the Reverbs. 



I've today given up on using effects on my T1 & T4S.

Just ordered a BOSS VE-20 Vocal Performer effects pedal from Thomann and will be using that until the effects on my Bose desks is fixed.

That will be with me in two days - that's considerably faster than the effects updates for the T's will arrive.

ST posted:

Let's use this topic to capture our ideas for feature requests for the T4S/T8S ToneMatch Mixers.

Tell us what you would like to see added, and why.

We can't promise that Bose will acknowledge or act on every request, but you can be sure that they are following this discussion closely.


I have a T1, but same applies to T4 and T8:  make available an optional rechargeable battery power supply to make the mixers a better companion to the S1 Pro.

WAV/MP3 music streaming from Flash Drive

First, KUDOS for some of the new features in the T4S:
     Master Out EQ - Thank You! Now the system can be adjusted for the  room acoustics that are encountered in various venues!
     Stereo Out, to two L1 systems - Thank You! I can leave a lot of other paraphenalia home now.

MAJOR REQUEST: Provide option to have the music player stop after playing ONE music file from a flash drive.

I'm a solo musician who sings with backing tracks. When a song has finished, I do NOT want to have to jump back to the controls to stop the next song from playing. When the song has ended is when a good performer acknowledges and interacts with the audience. Taking attention away from the audience during the few crictical seconds after the music stops, by turning one's attention to a little screen and playing with little knobs, turns the audience OFF, and marks the difference between an amateur hour and a professional performance. 

I have to wonder just how music streaming from WAV/MP3 files is used by musicians on most stages: are they using streaming to provide background music during breaks, or, are many of them, like me, using the MP3s as backing tracks for the main part of the performance?

For those using backing tracks for their main performance, I can't see how anyone in that situation would want the WAV/MP3 player to jump to the next song in the list and start playing it automatically.

Ideally, the WAV/MP3 player, after finishing the playback of one song, would then automatically HIGHLIGHT the next song in the list, but WITHOUT starting playback. This way, the performer would just need to use one touch on the "SELECT" button when he/she is ready to start the next song playing.

PLEASE have your software writers turn their attention to this; it seems to me that it should be a fairly quick, easy programming detail to implement.


Doug Alt

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