T1 Tonematch mixer necessary for just keyboards?

I am wondering if its worth it to use the T1 Tonematch mixer over an analog mixer if I am only inputting my keyboards through my Bose. I dont need any outside Effects or EQ so it comes down to just signal flow. Anyone do any A/B with this kind of application? Is the T1 cleaner? Fatter? More Transparent than an analog mixer?

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Hi Tancredible,

If your only sound source is a keyboard and you don't need any further processing, you can connect the keyboard directly to the Bose unit. Use the Analog input on the Power Stand. Set the input trim so you see solid green, and never red on the Signal/OL light.

If the mono output of your keyboard is balanced, use a 1/4" Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable. If not, you can use a 1/4" Tip-Sleeve cable. Do NOT connect a stereo output (e.g. headphone output) from the keyboard to the Power Stand. You will get very strange results.

Does that help?

What model of L1® do you have?


Hi Tencredible,

I have done comparison testing with a variety of analogue mixers vs the T1. Only the very expensive large analogue consoles provide as good a sound quality as the T1. The issue with the smaller inexpensive mixers is that the preamp and EQ circuitry are not up to par. There's a saying around here regarding budget class analogue mixers: "This thing sounds ok until you start turning knobs!" This does not apply to the smaller mixers designed and manufactured by the high end companies from the UK and a few others.

That said, there many L1 owners who use analogue mixers and are very happy with their setups. In your case, considering that you likely don't need EQ or reverb or anything other than mixing the two mono signals together, then a decent small mixer should perform well for you.

Bose did a great job with the T1. It is very clean, it is sonically great and it packs a lot of features (which you don't require at this time). Considering how much the L1 is not forgiving if our voices or instrument playing is not top notch (forces us to up our game), if the T1 had any noise issues we would notice it and we would hear about it.

It would be great if you had the opportunity to try a T1 and a small analogue mixer before buying either one so you may listen to them and determine what works best for you. I'm definitely a fan of the T1 and I also understand why it may not be the best fit for your needs.

I hope this helps,


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