T1® - Set input trim on Channel 4/5 for DJ Console

This procedure is appropriate when you have a DJ console connected to T1® Channel 4/5 using the analog inputs. Note: If you are connecting by USB you do not have to set the trim control, and there trim light will be inactive.

This is typically a one-time operation. You can do this in silence until the last stage where you bring up the Master Volume.

Do this with the T1® Master Volume all the way off, and the Channel volume all the way off.

You can set the trim without amplifying the sound through the L1®.

Channel 4/5
Set up your DJ console to the highest output level you will use during a show - that is ⇒ the maximum, highest output recommended in the DJ console manual.

Play some music. There will be no sound. That's okay for now.

Set the Channel 4/5 trim so that you see solid green with occasional flickers of yellow, but not red. The trim light on Channel 4/5 should be responding to the music.

This picture is showing on good signal on Channel 4/5

If you are seeing red, turn down the trim.

That's it for setting the trim for that Channel and you should not need to change it unless you change DJ Consoles.

Bring up the volume on Channel 4/5 to 12:00 o'clock.

Now you can bring up the Master Volume to the required volume for the situation.

For more detailed notes see: T1® Gain Staging Channel 4/5 for DJs.
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