I have been using BOSE on stage since 1974 and I'm a firm believer that BOSE has the best sound equipment, even at home or in the car. I've been using the T1 for 3 years now on stage and all's well, except this ****** Reverb. Unless I'm missing something, the longest decay is about 1/2 second. The sound is mediocre and the shaping abilities very limited. I've worked in many recording studios and am very partial to great reverbs. From Lexicon to Eventide and others. I'm using an external Reverb unit, which gives me close to studio quality reverbs, from short to almost endless, from dark to bright. Why does BOSE not use something like this in their mixers? It's like building a Ferrari with a VW engine...   

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I kind of agree. Just got a T4S and L1 Model 2 and struggling to get a good reverb and vocal sound. Instruments with effects bypassed sound great. Overall sound is great but struggling to get a really good vocal sound. Any advice would be welcomed. 

I normally always recommend BOSE first, but in this case I had to find something better than the Reverb that comes with the T1. What I'm using is the "Blue Sky" from Strymon - which is actually meant for guitars, but I discovered that it's just as good for vocals . $300, but worth every penny! It's square and small. I also have their "El Capistan" for delays. These two units cover my entire need for great effects.

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