Hi everyone.
I'm a newbie here as a registered user, although I've been reading the forum for about 3 years or so.
Now to the Question.
Have Bose got any plans to do any presets for the LR Baggs Anthem pick-up system. I was under the impression from my first visits to the forum that the preset library would de updated from time to time, and the Anthem has to be one of the most important additions to the pick-up scene for acoustic guitars. I've had my anthem for more than 3 years and my L1 Compact + T1 for about 2 1/2 years and am still hoping that one day it will happen. Will it happen, or was it just a sales gimmick from bose to get people to buy the T1.
Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy with the sound of the system, but the Tonematch library seems to be stagnating. Is it just me or do other users have similar feelings? I also have a Seagull Artist Studio that would also profit from it's own Tonematch preset.

Maybe Ken could give some information regarding this.

On the positive side. It was the way that this forum tries to help it's users that caused me to really go for the L1 system. It really does seem to be like one big family. I've read so much here that I feel I almost know ST. Is he ever offline? I've also enjoyed watching one of Tom Munch's streams. Thumbs up Tom.

Anyway, here's to what I hope will be a long association with this board and its users. I think that's enough for my first post. It's turned out to be much longer than I had planned.

Take care everyone and continue being nice to each other.

Original Post
Hi Tony,

and welcome to the forum.

I can't speak for Bose, but I will share my thoughts.

Cliff Henricksen was the ears behind the presets and he has retired from Bose. His compeer and technical genius partner in preset development was Mike z of zEQ fame, who has moved on to other employment. I don't believe there have been any new presets developed since their departure from Bose.

I know that Cliff was responsible for a training program developed to teach others how to hear and recognize frequencies so I suspect there are other employees at Bose who are capable of development of new presets but when that might happen is anybody's guess.

Have you downloaded the LR Baggs bank of presets?

I use 2 different Martin models, 1 Blueridge, and a GS mini Taylor with various LR Baggs pickups including, iBeam, element, and ribbon transducer, and all are used with Taylor presets.

I guess I would have to agree that the ToneMatch library is stagnating, but I wonder how much difference there really would be between a preset for the anthem and the preset for the i-Mix. Have you tried it?

I guess I am too easily satisfied as I have not downloaded the Baggs presets to see if there is improvement over what I am currently using.

If you have used the LR Baggs presets as well as those for other instruments and pickups I would be interested in hearing your impressions.

Hi O..

Thanks for the quick reply to my question.
When I first bought my Bose system about 2 1/2 years ago I tried just about everything on offer in the Tonematch library. As far as I know I had the latest Firmware and library at the time. I'm not unhappy with my sound. My musician friends are sometimes gobsmacked by the sound, especially the 180 degrees of horizontal coverage. At the moment I can't look at my T1 to see if I'm completely up to date, but I think I probably am as not much seems to have been happening there. I will, however, have a look when I have the time. Until this week my computer was 12 years old, so I didn't want to risk anything with it and my T1 (never change a running system). It's just that I do feel a little neglected as far as the promises regarding the T1 presets goes. Your thoughts are really welcome and I send a really big package of thanks for taking the time to share them with me. Over the last 3 or so years I'v seen your posts regularly and know that you are really one of the steadfast ones here on the forum. I'm really glad to have you here to talk to. You seem to be really down to earth which is not unsimilar to myself.
The fact that the 2 main people responsible for the Tonematch (especially Cliff) are no longer in the boat is sad. I hope that we're not on the way to it becoming like just about everything else nowadays where nobody is really bothered anymore after the sale has been made. At the moment I can see that the @Bose people on the forum really try to help all they can. I just hope that Bose tries to keep up the philosophy of Dr. Bose and continue to look after us with our products. We're both not the youngest any more and the generations after us just don't seem to take things as seriously as we've had to over the years. I'm just a bit worried that's all. I bought my first piece of Bose gear in the 70's. The 901 series 3 hifi loudspeakers. I've never been disappointed. I just really hope that the story goes on. It just makes one wonder what will happen when e.g. there's no Ken anymore.
I hopeI've not bored you too much with my rambling. As soon as I've controlled the presets on my T1 I'll let you know.
Thanks once again for your reply.


Also old with grey hair + a flesh coloured bathing cap (i.e. a large bald patch on the top)
Hi Tony,

Those of us who have been around since the beginning, certainly miss those who were instrumental in the development and introduction of the L1 series of systems, and have since moved on, however I don't think there is any shortage of highly qualified people working at Bose.

The LR Baggs presets are not included in any normal update. To get them on the T1 you would have to download them to an existing open bank.

Check this link, Scroll down to T1 Presets: -- ToneMatch Partner Presets, Optional. You can see what is available there and then determine if you want to download them.

I suspect that Dr. Bose's imprint on the Company is indelible and will continue to be the guiding force for the Company, even as many talented people come and go.

Good to have you on board.


Thanks for the kind comments. Rest assured that Bose is very committed to the L1, and they have said there will be several more products in the L1 line. I am sad that some of the folks in the small group who designed the L1 have moved on, but I also know that they are still in close contact with engineers still at Bose, so I don't fear that the legacy will continue.
Hi O.. and Tom,
First of all thanks for the very warm welcome to the forum, which I forgot to say after your first reply O..

The LR Baggs list of presets dates back to 2007/07/06 so I think I will probably have tried them. At the moment I'm not gigging so I've not had the T1 in my hands for a while. Maybe someone can say if these presets are in the unit when it leaves the factory. If yes, then I will have tried them. As I said, I'm not unhappy with the sound, but I know how good the dedicated preset for e.g. my Shure Beta 58 sounds without having to tweak. I'm just a bit disappointed that the Anthem apparently doesn't appear to be interesting enough to warrant it's own. I know that we can't expect every piece of gear to have its own. It's just a shame, that's all, considering how good this pick-up really is compared to the Element just on its own. Still, I can hope and continue talking to you all in this very nice community.
Any new concert streams coming up Tom? The one I watched was a recording (our times are pretty different as I live in Germany, so if you do one in the evening your time, then it's probably middle of the night my time. The link to the recording was very welcome. I seem to have lost the link on my old notebook, so I can't watch it any more. My computer was so slow that the video didn't even run smoothly, but even with a bit of stuttering during playback I really enjoyed what came across.
Thanks for the reassuring words, Tom, regarding the Bose legacy. Maybe you can put in a good word for me and other Anthem users, as you do seem to have a very good relationship with the right people in L1 division of the company.
Maybe one of them will even stumble across this thread. I live in hope, and that's always the last thing to die.

Take care both of you, and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm off to a football match (you call it soccer I think) this afternoon. I have a season ticket for my local team, FC Schalke 04, and today is our last home game before the winter break of roughly 4 weeks.

Sorry if I ramble on too much.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for joining the Forum. I'm glad that you've added your voice to the community.

Here is a more direct link to the download and related information for the T1® Partner Presets - You will find the download for the L.R.Baggs Presets there.

The L.R. Baggs Presets were NOT installed in the T1® at the factory, so it sounds likely that you have NOT heard them yet.

When you get around to trying them - PLEASE play close attention to the pictures on the right side of lined page with instructions.

Enjoy the game.
Hi ST,

thanks for the warm welcome and the infos. Do you ever sleep?

At the moment I'm trying to come to terms with my new notebook and it's operating system. I unpacked my new notebook on monday this week and am now in the present day as far as computer goes. I've just got to find out how to, and then get used to using Mac OS Mavericks after only using Windows XP up to now. When Mac OS is not quite as strange to me as it is now I'll think about risking the connection to the T1. Right now I wouldn't want to risk it. I've never updated any firmware of any type. So that will be new in itself. It needs time. I know that everyone here is more than happy to help, and that you don't seem to be able to rest until you've sorted other people's gear problems. I'll say a big THANKS now for the numerous times that you'll probably help me in the future. Your presence here in the forum was one of the reasons I opted for the L1 system. You never seem to be short of an answer or suggestion.
Thank you very much. I'm sure that my time here in the forum will be a very pleasant one. It's certainly started out that way with yourself, Tom and Oldghm turning up to welcome and help me. I'm feeling at home already.

Now I have to have some lunch, and then off to the game.

Bye for now

Hi Tony,

You can check the version of your T1® without the computer.

What version level is your T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine? (T1® for short)

  1. Turn the Rotary Selector to Prefs

  2. Press the first button

  3. Turn the first button until you see Versions
  4. Press the button

  5. The versions for the firmware will be displayed. The versions shown below are sample values.
    See:T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates for the latest firmware

  6. See:T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates for the latest firmware

Right now the latest T1® firmware is 1.8.

What have you got?

Notes: What version of the T1® Firmware do I have?
Hi ST,

Thanks for the really quick reply. It was there when I arrived back from lunch before going to the game. I just didn't have the time to get the T1 out etc.

So. My versions are as follows:

DSP Firmware 1.8 .... so that should mean that I'm up to date there.

Bose presets 1.1 ?

Bose scenes 1.0 ?

?: What those 2 are telling me I don't really know. My T1 is basically just as it was when I bought it. Except of course the settings which I use myself.

As I've already said, I don't trust myself to do any of the updating until I feel more at home on the MacBook. I'm very afraid of a worst case scenario should I make a bad mistake, or if the update fails etc. You don't seem to have such problems or fears. At the moment there's no real hurry, but with time I would like to have the best possible sound even though the one I've got now is probably better than most people are used to hearing.

I saw the guitar preset which I use but forgot to write it down. However, I'm pretty sure that it's acoustic guitar with piezo + a bit of frequency tweaking from me.

By the way. It wasn't really such a good game to want to write home and tell people about, but we did win 2 : 0 so everything's OK as far as that goes.

Thanks for now ST. I just wanted to let you know how things stand right now.

Hi Tom,

thanks very much for the thoughts and reassurance. It does mean a lot to see how you take time to help.

Bye the way I did have a look at your Homepage. The house concert idea does seem appealing. I also play in a three piece acoustic band covering songs from Simon + Garfunkel right through to Led Zeppelin and Emerson Lake and Palmer, and we've also been hired to play in living rooms for birthdays etc. For me, those are the best gigs because of the intimacy. Theoretically it would be possible to do them completely unplugged (except for the acoustic Bass guitar) but it is nice to use a small amplified system which means that people don't have to be ultra quiet when you're playing, and you don't have to hit the strings as hard to be heard around the room.

Thanks again.

Take care

Hi Tony,

Everything is at that latest version. You are completely up to date.

Originally posted by Seagullman:
So. My versions are as follows:

DSP Firmware 1.8 .... so that should mean that I'm up to date there.
Bose presets 1.1 ?
Bose scenes 1.0 ?
Hi ST,

Thanks for the information and help to date. Until I trust myself to risk introducing new Tonmatch files, it's probably pointless discussing this further at the present time.

If it's OK with you I'd like to be able to send you a PM at some time in the future.

Thank you very much for your time and help up to now (for myself and probably just about everyone else who logs on here).

Take care,

Hi Tony,

Originally posted by Seagullman:
Hi ST, ...
If it's OK with you I'd like to be able to send you a PM at some time in the future...

I prefer to keep communications in the public forum. Just start a new discussion for anything you want explore.



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