I have the L1c with the T1 ToneMatch which I use for Karaoke with family and friends. I have four mics that I use, N/D967, AKG D5 S, Audix OM-2 and a Samson UHF Series ONE wireless.

I get confused by the terminology when trying to set-up the mics and also when I try to set-up delay or reverb. My preference seems to be the N/D967 but I'm confused by the personality switch when doing  the set-up. Which position should I use and what reverb or delay should I use. 

 Also, any help with all the mics for set-up and vocal effects would be great.

My old set-up had a power mixer amp that had a "karaoke" effect which was all I needed. I got rid of the system and switched to Bose as I got older and had problems hauling the equipment.

Thanks for any help you can give me,




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Hi Wrahn,

I found this note about the personality switch on the EV N/D967.

For each microphone follow the instructons in this video.

Settings for reverb and delay are subjective. We set those by ear but generally speaking, as you add reverb the vocals sound farther away and less clear when playing backing tracks.

As a starting point try:

Reverb Type
Type: Medium
Time: 50%

Mix: 50%
Bright: 50%


Try Digital Delay Instead of Reverb

That should get you started.



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Hi Wes,

wrahn posted:

Thanks for the input. Can you tell me in lay person's language what is "cut and clarity" and which position is the ToneMatch set for.

Thanks again,


Most directional microphones have a strong behavior called proximity effect. This is the strong buildup of bass and low-mid response as the source (say the voice) to microphone distance decreases.

Your N/D967 (with the personality switch in the presence position ) is intended to sound natural when the voice is very close. But cutting some of the frequencies the voice should be more prominent than some of the other sounds (cut through the other sounds) so the audience can hear the voice clearly (clarity).

The ToneMatch Presets for Vocal Microphones do something similar to the personality switch in the presence position. 

Try the presence switch and use the switch position that sounds best to you.



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