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T1 mic stand adapter, thoughts and questions

So far things are going very well with my L1MII and T1. The only thing that bugs me is the mic stand adapter.

The design is clever, with the multi-position rubber pads that accommodate different mic stand shafts.

However, the weight of the T1 on the arm makes it sag a fair bit. It just will *not* sit level. This is worse with smaller diameter shafts, because the rubber pads can deflect farther. But even with it set to go around the largest part of the mic stand, it still sags.

Anyone else find this annoying? Anybody got a clever fix? Perhaps a small clamp-on music stand that is more robust...


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I've been using it and don't have any problems. It seems a bit flimsy at first (I was looking for the clamp or thumbscrew to hold the unit onto the mount) but, after a month of use, I'm confident that the mount will hold everything securely.

The bigger issues I'm wrestling with is how to cleanly organize all the cables coming off the back of the T1 and run them down the mic stand. Have been using Velcro strips to tie off the cables, but am interested in alternatives...
Hi Andrew,

I can't believe I just spent the last several minutes looking at this.

I like that the rubber bushings seem to allow a little mechanical "play" almost as though they are intentionally allowing for minor impacts to be absorbed rather than transmitted through a hard mechanical contact to the pin the T1™ sits on.

Ugh - what a sentence.

I do see how that allows the T1™ to appear to sag a little.

It seems less pronounced when I push the horizontal bar firmly to the bottom of the slot on the microphone stand adaptor.

If this was really bothering me, I would probably try something with some cable ties. (zap straps).

But I looked at all the other stuff I clamp onto and hang off of my microphone stands. None of it is level.

Sheesh dude, there goes the day.
Hi NetTek,

The bigger issues I'm wrestling with is how to cleanly organize all the cables coming off the back of the T1 and run them down the mic stand. Have been using Velcro strips to tie off the cables, but am interested in alternatives...

I'm probably going to get some really short microphone cables. Maybe I'll cut down some of the spares I have lying around here and warm up the old soldering iron.

But that will have to wait for a bit. I can't seem to find my level.
Just to be clear here, there are no actual problems or security issues. It'd just be nice if the thing didn't lean over like a drunken sailor.

This happens not because the mount itself is crooked. It happens because there seems to be enough flexibility in the rubber part that the weight of the T1 pulls the arm down off of horizontal.

And yes, I am reasonably sure I'm using the correct configuration for the rubber pads (though I will double-check next time I have a chance).
Interesting question - I didn't like that little arm thing from the git-go, in fact I wanted to put it on the "big" part of my mic stand, and it broke when I tried to tighten it. My fault for sure, but good riddance.

I'm using a clamp-on tray, T1 fits perfectly on it, and it seems to sit much more securely, to me.

I also agree that arranging the cables neatly is my next little project. I wanted to USE it a time or three before starting this. Maybe tonight.


Quik-Lok MS-329 Utility Tray - 8.4 x 8.4 - $27 at M-F
I'm probably going to get some really short microphone cables.

I did that, and I use the velco on the Cat5 to secure all cables to the mic stand, the T1 can't hit the floor.

The sag bothers me a bit from an anal-retentive standpoint, but what bothers me more is the wobble. I always feel as if I need to grab the T1 with my other hand to stablize it while muting or pressing channel edit buttons. I really wish there was no "play" in the mounting post. I'm sure there is a good reason for that.

That Quik-Lok tray looks nice, especially with some velco sandwiched between it and the T1.
My T1 mic stand adapter, lost the locking pin after the first use. I went to use it for a 2nd gig and the latch would not work. I temporarily fixed it with a Paper Clip, but it was a bit loose.

I called Bose and they shipped me out a replacement, which has been working so far.

I do get a little nervous about the T1 falling off. It is so handy to have it right there for adjustment, I have never used the L1 version of the bracket.

Clearly when you are using one of the Delay settings for one of the Oldies, you want to hit bypass at the end of the song so it does not effect your talking or next song. Very convenient to have it up there.
Just a quick note, Drumr, in case you missed it -- The post part that sticks up is sensitive to direction of the T1 that you put on it. It will rock a lot more one way, than the other.

I've also broken a pin, and my wife thinks they look unsteady. I feel some Quik-Lok utility tray purchases coming up.


My T1 looks a little out-of-level hanging off the Mic Stand Adaptor as well, but as long as the T1 continues to function I can deal with it. I don't want to have to carry any more gear if I don't have to. I have a tray that bolts to the microphone stand but the T1's microphone adaptor is a lot cleaner, so I'll continue to use it, and the tray can stay home for the time being.

The only thing that annoys me is that I can't quick press a setting on the mic mount during a song. It wobbles just enough that the button press isn't clean & doesn't trigger the button push most times.

I also have the T1 gaffer-taped to the aluminum mount for almost all gigs since I've knocked it off accidentally twice & caught it both times (luckily!)

Mike In Texas ...
Thanks for the tip on the tray! I've now got one on order myself. I hear what Tom is saying about the fact that if you need to press the button quickly, and the T1 wiggles a little, it can surely mess up the process.

I also purchased from Lowe's (I'm sure you can get them elswhere too) some of the little velcro patches, about the size of a quarter. I'll put one or two of those on the tray/T1 for more security.
Your traditional folding music stand for 20 bucks. Holds 2 T1's and an ipod. Placed between me and the bass player. Spins left or right for access to tune etc, no wobble, no <baloney>. Works like a charm.

[ken-at-bose replaced an unallowed word -- see our Terms of Service at the bottom of the message board home page -- with <baloney>]
Hello all ,
I purchased the mic stand holder and it seems to work fine for me . It does have a little play , so I am going to purchase two small hose clamps , drill holes into the LII T1 carriage , attach it to the clamps with small bolts and nuts , attach them to the mic stand , and see if that is a little more solid . That way all I'll have to take off would be the T1 mounting bar .(see pic) I'll let you know how it goes . - J.D.
Originally posted by JD1:
Your traditional folding music stand for 20 bucks. Holds 2 T1's and an ipod. Placed between me and the bass player. Spins left or right for access to tune etc, no wobble, no <baloney>. Works like a charm.

I've seen this rig first-hand and it is indeed great for those who have two T1s.

I want to keep the amount of stuff sitting in front of the band to a minimum, so for me the little tray is the right solution.
There are many other tray options. My favorite mounting option is Manfrotto/Bogen camera clamps & accessories.


These can be attached to the Qwik Lok types too. The price is excellent & the quality is much better than most music gear.

Hello ,
I finished my altered T1 holder . It works very well , and is very stable . For anyone who has a T1 holder that came with the LII , you can adapt it to fit on your mic stand . My total cost for parts was about $4.65 . You'll need 2- hose clamps 3/4" - 1 1/4" size , 2- machine screws 6mm - 1.0 x 20mm , 1 - #14 speed nut for the upper clamp , and about ten minutes for labor. Drill 1/4" holes into clamps . It's solid when tweaking (button pushing) . Just another option for some who want portability . Mount it to the front of the mic stand for left or right side mounting . Here is the first picture .
Although I don't have my Model II yet, I've been planning and designing new stuff for it already.

With regards to the cable management... I'm having a very short custom cable snake made to accommodate the cables I'd need.

The T1 can use up to 10 cables if you wanna max it out, that's an equivalent of an 8-channel cable snake (8 send, 2 return) then just have the ends custom made.

This way, all cable connections are on the floor, and you only have to deal with one cable (which is a lot thinner than 10 individual cables) running from the back of the T1.
I have done something similar. I went to Radioshack and bought some cable wrap($2.79). I wrapped the cables from the T1 to floor using short cables. With the cables labelled,corresponding conections can be made out of sight. Or, you can wrap to any length to the instrument.

When transporting the T1, I put it in a plastic container with the cables intact in one snake.

While this makes for a much neater array of cables, it is thicker than John's solution, but cheaper.

The first time I tried to put the T1 mic stand adapter on my stand, I noticed the flip latch was broken, so I called Bose and they sent me another one. This plastic stuff is a little cheap and suspect ther will be a lot of failures.

I bet Bose will will redesign this as it is pretty bad. I can't believe I paid $26 or whatever for it.

Thanks for the help JD. I had some similar stuff laying around and I think I found an even easier way. I took 2 plastic ties and secured the top of the bracket very tightly to the mic stand. Did the pilot hole/screw thing like you suggested for the bottom half - and this thing feels very secure.

We'll see this weekend when we try it at a few gigs, but I'm feeling good about it. I ordered the real bose bracket a few hours before I tried this, but I expect a pretty long delay in shipment.

edit: repaired image
I know this is an old thread, and I meant to post this sooner, but...forgot.

Don't know if any of you have noticed, but the T-arm goes into the micstand clamp two ways.

One way is very solid, the other wobbly as heck.

I'm not talking about whether the T1 is level (I don't like that either), I'm talking about how solid it sits. I can push any button on the T1, with one hand, and never any problems.

Try this at home: mount the arm one way (any way), and set the T1 on it. Wiggle. Now pull out the arm from the micstand and rotate it, then reinstall. Big difference.

Or to say it another way, look at the support arm (see pic above). You want to mount it on the micstand so that the vertical "post" that inserts into the T1 is in front of the crossbar, not behind it.

Hope this helps.
"Don't know if any of you have noticed, but the T-arm goes into the micstand clamp two ways.

One way is very solid, the other wobbly as heck."

While it attaches in one of two ways that is so you can mount the arm on the left or the right of the mic stand. The arm should always be mounted so the bevel on the cross bar faces towards you and pointing down.

If you flip the arm upside down, then rotate it 180 degrees (to mount on the opposite side of the mic stand) the bevel will once again be facing towards you, and pointing down etc.

That bevelled edge locates in a mating groove on the bottom of the T1 case. This makes for the more secure (less wobbly) fit.

I'm not a developer but I think you are right Col.

Just want to add a note while this thread is up. The stand adapter has inserts that need to be matched to the diameter of the stand. If done correctly there should be no issues with the clamping assembly. Mine is a permanent part of the stand now, as I use the same stand all the time, and there is no reason to take it loose for transport.


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