T1 Lower Kick Gate Threshold?

Hello Everyone! 

So a friend of mine has lent me his T1 Model II, and I'm actually digging it. We are using it as the sole amplification system for vocals in my extremely small jam space, and the compact size is amazing compared to my old 2X15 powered cab setup. Anyhow! Just last jam the bass player said he has trouble hearing the kick. I understand why as I use an 18X8 since there is no room to setup a proper size. I had the briliant idea to hook up my Beta 52A to the L1 just to boost up the kick a little bit. I set it to general kick mic, and put it on kick gate regular and wow! sounds great! The issue however is that the lowest the threshold will go is -20. I tested the threshold on the regular gate and I need to to be around -33 to -35 to pickup the quieter hits. So right now I have the gate to set to maxium speed, and -35 on the threshold. It sounds fine, but looses all definition when I do doubles. I'm curious if there is any way to lower the threshold on the kick gate, or to create a custom preset in the software and import it? I'm 100% new to Bose stuff, so any help would be great.


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Hi Boy_narf,

We can't change the parameters of the Kick Gate. Have you tried tweaking the input trim. You might be able to increase the sensitivity by raising the trim. 

Is it possible to take a link out from the amp instead of using the microphone?


HI Boy_Narf,

I'd try turning up the trim a little. Flashes of red are okay. Solid red is not.

Sorry for my typing, I meant to type "take a line out of the amp".  Is there a direct line out from the amp? I'm trying to take the microphone out of the signal chain to see if that will help.



Just tried lowering the sensitivity but unfortunately it's still not enough. There are also a few sections where I feather the kick drum and the gate won't let it through.

I'm curious if anyone has had success making their own Kick gate using EQ and the standard gate? Any suggestions would be great! I tried making my own, but the standard gate doesn't seem to close up quick enough. 

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give a bump to this thread. I just got a subkick and resumed testing of the kick gate. Of course while the fast kick gate sounds AMAZING, it doesn't have enough threshold control. It seems to close too slowly not letting doubles through, and doesn't pickup light hits.

Right now I have it set to a regular gate, and am using the utility tone print for 50hz/5000khz. It seems to be a touch tighter than the regular kick prints. 

Does anyone know what is happening with the kick gate preset? I'm assuming it's a gate and EQ all in one. Has anyone had luck making their own Kick gate using the onboard effects? 

I'm also still on the T1, so I'm wondering if the T4 or T8 the ability to further tweak the gates? I'm looking for a reason to get the T8, now that I have an L1M2.



P.S. Although a bit of a round trip, would it be possible to feed a touch more level to a kick gate if I say, plugged the kick mic into channel 1 (setup with a kick print and possibly a compressor), took the output from 1 and fed it into channel 2 (Kick gate would be enabled on this one)? Does this kind of thing work?

Ah well, I did some experimenting with my 16" gigging kick and would you believe it? no mis fires. Guess it's the nature of the "cannon" drum travel kick to not have enough air pressure on the reso head to trigger the gate properly. Very interesting. I've got a proper 18" kick on order so I shouldn't have any more trouble.

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