Part of the beauty of the T1 is it's size and built in features.
So for DJ application, I can't imagine they would need to make it more than 2 spaces.
One of the best mixers ever was the Urei 1620 and the Bosark before that. They had the best pots and hence the best sound quality. The only thing that needs to be a slider would be the cross fader.

I can't understand all the concers about price. Quality always comes at a price. The L1 is not cheap, so why would you want a cheap mixer to go with it? Quality, features and ease of use should be the first requirements.
I vote for rack mountable as well, definitely. I need a rack anyway, for synth module, efx, wireless receivers, etc., and adding a mixer that must be carried and hooked up separately every gig, is just more added hassle.

What I have seen as an ongoing push/pull, is that from jump, Bose conceived an ideal world, where each musician, in every group, would have their own personal sound system. With that in mind, it's obvious most designs are geared toward one person's use, maybe a duo. However, that's not what I see happening in the real world, as much as some of my players love it, none have gone out and bought a system, even used, so I'm left having to use it for combos down to myself as a solo act, with tracks.

However, even when I work solo, a T1 would just barely cover my needs, as I run two mics (wired or wireless), a mini-disc player, wind synth, & sometimes, even another mic.
Siince I play various saxes, & flute, if I'm using a wired mic for vocals, I may use two wireless mics, one for the saxes, & one for flute. And I often work as a duo or trio, which would immediiately "space" me out of using a T1, unless used with yet another mixer....

It's a gnawing issue with me, over the years, as there are some products, mixers & pa systems, with beaucoup bells & whistles & lots of channels for all kinds of things, & then there's the Bose products, with that sound quality, and dispersion we've grown so fond of, but in a no frills ensemble, and expensive...

I love the idea of consolidating various functions in one unit, mixer channels, efx, extra outputs, EQ, etc., one small Alesis mixer I have, besides a lot of channels, digital efx, outputs & inputs, multi-mixes, & USB, even has an iPod docking station, where I can either play mp3s from, or digitally record any & all my gigs, from the same mixer I'm using to perform.... And it's priced well below one T1...

It's difficult facing these kinds of choices, & especially now, with the pretty major drop I & many others are experiencing in work...
The rackmount idea for a new T1 is probably going to be one of the toughest issues out there.
Back when I DJ/KJ'ed, I loved having a rack unit with everything already hooked up and ready to go, slider pots and all. It not only looked good, but it felt good and fun to use.

Now as a performer, the less in front of me, between the audience, the better.
The present T1 is quite ideal in that case, albeit a bit shy on ports at times.

Some items are rack friendly, like wireless mikes and mini/nano verb type units in that they can be mounted to a rack mount bracket. This usually works, only if the knobs and setting are accessible from the front. Given the need for a number of setting, sliders, options and such that folks are asking for, this should be an interesting challenge to see what Bose comes up with on the next version of a T1 type mixer.
In terms of traditional DJ world, the design of the T1 is conducive to what? A bunch of exposed wires connecting into a book sized box that mounts where?

Perhaps, just leave the T1 alone as is for our live musician compadres and design a new 1U or 2U piece of gear that addresses traditional DJ needs and DJ thinking in terms of 22nd century BOSE L1 compatibility forethought.


make the wired remotes a 1U rack device that controls two L1s independently so that it compliments a DJ mixer instead of half heatedly trying to replace it with something like the Tone Match.
A-MEN Cap... I play guitar & sing, not a DJ, but I still couldn't agree with you more. I don't use my T1 anymore, for several reasons, but definitely including the cluttered wires factor - HATED that! I built a special snake, and sort of a cover to hide the wires best as possible.

My setup now is rack based, completely pre-wired, wireless mic & guitars, literally only ONE small cable at my feet to control my harmonizer via footswitch (solo, also only one small amp footswitch when I play band electric).

I would think a rack controller with a feature-filled footswitch would be much better, both for live musicians AND DJ's... But, I'm not personally in the market, so that's just my
observation from the peanut gallery, not a purchasing vote.

Best, Mike
Ok here goes with my 0.02p

For me a good quality One-Box-Does-All DJ mixer needs to be :

1. Be Rack Mountable
2. Have L1 Serial (Remote) Connectors (x2) [To replace the remotes]
3. Have all the features of Denon HD2500 or similar player.
4. Have USB connectivity for DJ Software (PCDJ, OTSAv, etc)
5. Multiple Mic Inputs, with FX

IF you want to have just a mixer, with no bells and whistles - #s 1,2 and 5 in the list above are absolutley essential

Just My 0.02p
I'll probably never use a rack mount but having a simple clean removable rack mount bracket would accommodate all. I like the compact portability of the T1 & L1, one of the main things that makes them unique & user friendly. Whatever is added, keep it compact - two spaces on a rack max IMO. So far 4-5 inputs have been adequate. The top display works fine for me.

I'd like to see: 1) Stereo/mono output. 2) Two USB inputs (often need to connect two laptops to T1). 3) A L/R RCA input on one channel would often come in handy. 4) More easily readable display in direct sunlight. But keep the blue backlit display - much better than orange or green IMO.
First time poster.

I think If they can just figure out how they can make the Main Out 1/4" as the Right and Make the T1 Connection through the special cable the left. That would be the easiest fix with a new T1 update. So both outputs are controlled by one fader/knob and whatever mic is inputing from channel 1-3 can comeout of both speakers. For me that stereo Aux output trick works but is a little annoying for quick adjustments.
I don't have the answers as I don't own the T1 or compatible L1 system.

However, I DO own the original L1 system (which is now obsolete). Unless there was a better way to run a pair of Model IIs, I'm not sure I can upgrade my pair Model I.

Need stereo, need something more DJ orientated, something more straight forward like the original L1 powerstand inputs.

But that's just me.
1/8" Stereo input or RCA's
1/4" stereo jack with 2 assignable switchable options (in my case I'd like to be able to mute a channel while changing guitars and muting effects on one channel but there could be many other uses) Assignable inputs with channel switching
Make each auxiliary output assignable to any channel or multi channels, headphone, effects loop, master out.
Remove the overhang for the Cat5 plug as it's hard to press the tab with your finger
Better mounting tab as with lots of cables in the back the tone match is unstable.
Bluetooth input

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