If you guys can add a cross fader in the mix of whatever you guys are planning to do. I guarantee other djs in our forums would be very pleased.

Given the T1 has to have an edge for every type of musician out there in the world. But couldn't you make something that could have a small cross fader and knobs like rane has in the past for it's mixers?
I like simple!
First make it Stereo / Mono. Then give me one or two more inputs with independent volume and mute dials and I’m a happy camper!

Oh… and make those panel lights visible in sunlight.

A cross fader is not on my list. I fear a new T1 that will be more complex and more expensive than I really want or can afford.

I also believe, making it something both DJ's and musicians can use will make it more marketable and less expensive than designing and manufacturing something just for the DJ market would be.
I made a discussion like this almost a year ago called "let's make some noise", glad to see the people at Bose are finally interested.

Here's my new list:

Rack mountable with it taking no more than 4 spaces.

At least 3 sets of stereo ins.

Stereo/ Mono - give us a summed mono option if we are using one L1.

Headphone jack & cue options for stereo ins.

Faders/cross fader

3 band eq with knobs for each of the stereo channels. > maybe use the R1 jacks in the Mod. 1.

For those who have the Mod. II - allow the use of the Tone Match cable.

For those who use a Laptop, add a sound card option like on the T1.

Built in effects & presets LIKE ON THE t1.

Have it sound less digital/processed than the T1.

Add a clock - why not put one in there- we all use them as DJ & I've never seen a DJ mixer have one. Make it so you can engage it or disengage it for those who don't want to see what time it is all the time.

Lastly don't be afraid of making it a bit more user friendly for live performances. Think more space - bigger knobs & once again if at all possible add faders.

Are we discussing things that might be possible with the current T1 and a firmware upgrade, or the design of a new unit?

I think having access to two more channels, mappable to Main/Aux, would solve the cue issue (assuming you had a dual, male unbalanced 1/4" to stereo female headphone plug handy - and not Hosa's!).
Jd those are the perfect features if they can add that but the cost of the product would be so high we would be at the Alan and Heath Xone 4 level. But, I do see where you are coming with this.

COME TO THINK OF IT! SUPPORT THE DJBASS EXPERIMENT(idea). Come on Bose do this for us and your guaranteed a newer market trend to our djs. Show off Alan and Heath, Pioneer, Denon. I dare ya!
I second the rock & roller, that's what I use too.

I suggest that if Bose wants to make a DJ mixer they should do just that, make a real DJ mixer. If any other company made the T1 NO DJ out there would even consider using it. I understand the reasons why every one here has bought it & learned to use it. My point is that as more DJ's consider if they want to take the L1 plunge, a DJ mixer that integrates into the system which has a minimal learning curve would be very enticing.
Hello, Dance Host

Originally posted by Dance Host:
I felt we were leading into a possible idea for the T1 here but thanks for the separate thread anyway. Was waiting for Dynamite to help me with this. Guess he can catch up on the new thread and we can go from there.

Your T1® related comments are quoted in the post two above so that those thoughts would remain in this discussion about the T1®.

The link to your new discussion about a complementary system has been corrected
Add a Bose complementary system to my Model II
Originally posted by djjv:
Hi Craig,
Thanks for asking. Take a look at the latest Pioneer DJM 5000 and than incorporate the brilliant Bose Tone Match and you have the world’s best DJ Mixer. I hope that some of you will agree with me.

Except make sure that it works with a 64-bit Operating System.
I think JD has just about covered it all but perhaps to make it more adaptable for different users it might be possible to make it modular e.g.
Channel module (say 4 stereo channels with faders with optional mono input, sends and eq)
Master out module (with main output fader, stereo/mono outputs, headphone out)
Crossfader module (with cueing)

It may work out slightly more expensive but at least you can buy exactly what you need.
Sorry to come in late on this one, but here's my list:

1. I would love to have a slider for the volume control for each channel. The tiny knob is VERY tough to use, especially if you're riding gain and making tiny adjustments. A slider allows a nudge; the knobs make my hand cramp.

2. Stereo output would be nice. Make it a choice of stereo or mono.

3. The USB "in" port is good, but I'd like to see a separate USB port "out" as well. There are times when I want to send my "line out" to a digital recorder or to a video camera for a wedding videographer, etc.

4. I would like to see six input lines instead of four. The T1 is narrow as it is, so adding two more channels would not make it unwieldy.

5. Whatever improvements are made, I would suggest that those of us who already HAVE T1s (or two of them as in my case) would be able to trade in for the new ones and receive a credit for the one(s) we have already purchased.
Rack Mount

For those requesting a rack mount, would you be okay with all the controls visible from the top or do you want all the controls on the face?

I guess another way of putting this: What is the maximum number of rack spaces would you allow for a rack mounted T1®?

Hi J.D. Puente,

Your Behringer 1804 X appears to be about 15 inches tall making it what, 9 or 10 rack units (U = 1.75 inches).
I can see this is really a tough one. For us performers, who love the T1 right up there on the Mic stand, I can't imagine going back to something the size of a rack mountable, (like the old Mackie's with ears on them).

I can see the DJ's point, a pre-wired rack mounted setup with sliders and stereo is where many of them would like to be. It's really looking like 2 very different applications, with the only commonality being the L1's.

Like the Classic, becoming the Model I, I am sure either the original T1 or a similar sized T1 Mod II will eventually exist along with a DJ specific type of T1.

As a performer, both as a soloist and a duo, I am hard pressed to find anything to really complain about with the T1. Despite my regular rant about not putting the T1 jack on the L1 compact, keeping the T1 free of being an MP3 player, foot switches and guitar specific stomp-box effects, it is extremely well thought out and a definite keeper for me.
As the T1 already has Digital circuitry for Input (via USB) and output via the ToneMatch port, it should be rather inexpensive to add a digital output via an S/PDIF connector (or two). There could/should also be a digital input (or two). This is more important for Model II owners since the power stand only has a ToneMatch port and one analog port -- but still useful for any L1 user).

There seems to be little reason not to provide a second ToneMatch port to satisfy the myriad of users who express the need to add a second L1 to their large-venue setups. It seems unfair to give them a digital output to their first L1 but to only allow analog output to their second L1. It seems to cause issues with matching the two L1s in venues as well. Of course, this would/should require that the ToneMatch ports be selectable to also provide both a mono and/or stereo output (stereo/left/right/mono).

The beauty of the Model II's digital input/output (vs the Model 1's analog-only input/output) would be more impactful if it offered digital connections (for data, input and output). This could more easily be done on the T1 (instead of the power stand).

Firewire would be a more robust (and speedy) interface than USB. Firewire 800 would be even better (there are FW800/FW400 conversion cables to insure compatibility for both Mac and PC users).

I agree with others that the DJ unit could have a wee bit more space between the channel controls and sliders are important to users who have been using traditional mixing boards for years. More recent adopters who don't have long-standing tactile feel for sliders don't care as much but the T1 is obviously a musician's interface (designed to be "set & forget" useable). I don't believe that DJs are very concerned that the unit's footprint remain so small. Also, most DJs are not using the T1 on the supplied mounting bracket (here again, a musician's preference).

I'm happy to see Bose realize the high numbers of DJs who have successfully integrated the L1 into their offerings. It simply appears to have been a bigger "surprise" to Bose than they would probably admit to.

Dear Bose, now that you know we love the L1, give us DJs a better interface to it! Thanks.
OK. Here is my two cents. There are really two questions out there. One is what features do you guys want if we totally redesign the T1, and the second one is what can we add with a software update to the existing T1.
To answer the second question first, I would like to see the aux/main double as a R-L stereo output. Software selectable which way you want it. Then the effects can be stereo too. There must be an internal stereo bus because the USB allows stereo out. This way I can feed my two L1 systems with one T1. That upgrade alone would be enough to make me buy one. Second, once you have made the output stereo, allow me to re-assign the Preamp Out on each channel as an Input (either mono together with the xlr/ts combo input or as a TRS stereo input) (or can you make the TRS on the combo input into a stereo in?) - so now all 4 channels are stereo in.

Now to upgrade the hardware too, without the changing the form (so that you can reuse much of your manufacturing) make the USB port a FireWire - 2 way simultaneous, and let me send all 4 stereo channels simultaneously to my laptop for multitrack recording. (And if the above suggestion that I thought were only software, require hardware changes too, then add those here.) In addition, make the port where the ToneMatch cable goes to the L1 Model II removable (for those of us on Model I) and replaceable with another port assignable as either an extra input or an aux out (in case I use the current aux out as part of my stereo output).

Anything else I would like to see, would no longer be a T1.

By the way - if you are planning on making a software upgrade to enable stereo PLEASE let us know, because I am about to go out and buy a (gasp) different brand digital mixer and I really would rather have a stereo T1.

I have been thinking about this for a couple of months now. I think it is time for me to chime in on this subject.
There are many DJ's out there that are still in the 90's and still use CD's, and CDG's for their Music source. They still use the 19" rack systems for their housing of equipment. I just sold 3 SKB Mini Gig Rigs because I don't use that many rack components anymore. Many of my individual rack units are now combined as one unit ie. DBX Driverack PA+.
So my first thought was a T1 being a rack mount unit. Now, I am looking at it a little differently. I have some events coming up that I would like to have cue function and headphone for the T1. So, I will be using a different mixer for this application. So, cue and headphone capabilities would be nice.
I am now wanting to use my T1 as a main mixer for my FOH mixer for a school dance competition. Basically playing CDs given to me for thier composition. So, I will need my Dual CD player for this, plus a Cassette player with pitch control, laptop input, and microphone input. I will be maxing out the T1 Channel inputs! I hope the sound will be right sending the output to my 31 eq, then to the Crossover, then to the amps, then to the Dual 15 Mains with Single 18 Subs.
So, here is my needs on the T1.
1. Rackmountable (seeing the dynamics of the T1, it could be a 2 space unit)
2. More Channels (4 XLR/combo, more than one stereo inputs) 4 xlr's and at least 2 stereo 1/4 or rca inputs.
3. Headphone cue and solo functions for each channel. Very important for DJ's and Musicians.
These are my thoughts and needs!

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