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I have a T1 I use for band rehearsals, sometimes gigs.  We can put the 2 vocals and 2 guitars through it.  Then I use the Aux out to one Compact and the Main out to another Compact.  

Yesterday, I went to set all of it up and channel 2 didn't work at all.  All the other channels worked.  I had a mic plugged into it.  I've plugged the mic into other channels and the mic works, plugged other stuff into the channel (XLR and 1/4") and recalled the Factory Settings all to no avail.  I don't even see signal at the input even with the trim at full, so not a routing issue.  

The T1 lives on a shelf in its bag when not in use.  And travels to and fro in my bag, so it leads a gentle life.   Any suggestions, or will this be a hardware problem?  



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Hi Scott,

I'm sorry for the trouble.  You did a good job narrowing down the issue, and so it does sound like a hardware problem. 

The input meter shows the level directly after the trim knob.  So if you're seeing neither the trim LED illuminate nor any input metering at all on that channel, then we'd have to service the T1. 

Could you give us a call at 877-335-2673 with the serial number?  We'll set up service for it.


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