This is a conversation from a Ketron forum.  No-one offered suggestions, advice  … If someone can help, I’ll pass it on (I’m J) and I want to get my T-1 on the job.

K - Any Ketron users here use the Bose Tonematch (T1) , just interested in a few hints. Feel free to PM me

J - I have had a T1 since they were introduced. I used it a couple times and went back to my old Edirol M-10DX. The T1 was too complicated - for me - to set up, and very difficult to adjust on the fly during a gig. I just couldn't get the sound and the effects the way I like - although I'm sure it's possible. Just wish I had someone to sit by my side and show me step by step as I like the size , weight and potential. Good Luck with it.

K - Indeed, blown away by the amount of effects etc it contains and love the compact size.

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Hi JerryT,

For K in the conversation above, please invite K to join us here so we can help K directly.

For you:

Please tell us in detail about your inputs to the T1 and (microphones, instruments).

And what powered loudspeaker are you using? You've written about an L1 Compact in the past. Is that what you're using?



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