Inside and Out with 2 Systems

If you are coming from a conventional stage setup, you might want to put the Systems at the extreme left and right sides of the stage.


Keep the Systems Inside the Group

Not outside the group.



  • Every sound source should be amplified through only one System.
  • There are times that you will want to "pan" across two or more Systems. It may sound fine on stage and may help with the stage mix, but you run the risk of causing phase issues and nulls in the audience.
  • Every player should hear him/herself through the System closest to him/her.
  • Try to keep loud sources out of the path between a player and his/her System.
  • All players that should be heard at the same volume should be the same distance from the his/her System.






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This is the arrangement for our 4pc band as well.

We set the two systems very close together though, with only the outboard 15" sub between them, we all seem to hear better that way. As we run dbl subs with both systems anyway, we decided to put one guitar left and one right, for a little more 'stereo' sound. Sometimes that means that 3 instruments (kick, bass, and guitar) are loading up on one system, but I think the trade-off for imaging is worth it. Just MAO (my arrogant opinion).

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