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I recently held my first music workshop utilizing a Klipsch home 7.1 theatre with Dolby Surround for critical listening which is a key part of the workshop. Media used are FLAC and Lossless files. The mission was accomplished with the Klipsch but it wasn’t practical for the repeated moves etc... but the concept was proven. up....

I got the Bose F1 Set up to create a more dynamic and immersive listening experience and being that it's my first foray into Pro Audio I wanted to get some feedback from the Pro's and Enthusiasts. 

My plans for a full 7.1 Surround Bose system are the following :

1. 2 - BOSE F1 812's with F1 Subs ( L/R )

2. 1 - Bose Roomatch RMU208 ( Center ) separate amp for Center...

3. 4 - BOSE S1 Pros - ( Side / Rear Surround ) 

4. MacBook Pro w/ (Ableton Live 10 or Protools with Penteo 7 Surround Plugin ) 

5. 1 - Bose Tonematch T8S or something just as capable.

If anyone has gone down this road, or is familiar with complicated set ups I welcome your feedback. If anything is missing from my list please chime in as well I want this to be a pseudo - plug and play set up.


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If you are going to go a proper surround setup, you should match the speakers and use the same speaker in every position or a speaker family that is tonally matched. That would mean 812s for each channel. The S1 and RMU208 are not tonally matched to the 812.

The Bose ToneMatch T8S only supports 2 channels of I/O to/from the audio interface, far less than the 8 channels that you will need. You would need something like a MOTU 828es instead for your audio interface.

I have a pair of 812/F1Sub stacks and I do enjoy using them for DJing. However, I would discourage your from choosing any of the Bose F1/L1 speakers series for this application since generate a lot of "hiss" when there is no audio coming from the speakers and you cannot eliminate it. That can really interfere with critical listening with music that has dynamic range (theatrical, classical, etc.) if you have a small audience and you don't plan to generate a lot of SPL.

Can you tell us bit more about intended audience size and the content that you plan to play?

Wavesound, thank you for this detailed and informative response! What I’ve laid out is my idea to have a set up that has more impact while still maintaining high fidelity. 

I recently auditioned the F1 812 at Guitar Center here in LA. I was quite pleased with the tonality and sound ( playing from my iPhone ) but it was still only 1 speaker which didn’t allow for a proper stereo effect, and I was only 10-15 feet away while listening. It seemed to give what I felt was missing from the Klipsch set up ( which was no slouch )

I became sold on the ProAudio idea because of its practicality & portability, and F1 specifically because the Bose set up takes the portability to another level. 

As for the ‘Audience’ it could range from 25-100 +.  The genres will span a wide range ( Psychedelic Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical and on... ) Most of what will be played will be customized lossless FLAC files / soundtracks created in Ableton Live. 

Because the S1 would only be playing ambient information steered by the Upmixer I felt they would be a good choice. I’m going to research the Center / Surrounds and Interface. I appreciate you’re feedback! 

I agree with Bluenote.

The majority of the 5.1, 6.1, etc mixes are biased towards the front 3 speakers.

Adding 1 F1 as your center should make a great difference. 

I'd also look into picking up an Oppo Bluray player as they have excellent DACs and a built in decoder for almost every multichannel format (SACD, DVD Audio, etc...) as well as a 7.1 (or 5.1) output. 

@jlowejlowe... I agree that an F1 as center channel would be sweet and I’m concerned with the size. In these workshops I try to have an unobstructed view, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve been looking more at the S1Pro, and it looks to have the same HF Drivers as the 812 but only 3 of them, and a 6” mid woofer. It looks like a mini-812. I’d really like to try these

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