Sunburst Gear CTS1-BLK tripod speaker stands review

Oh, yeah, the Sunburst Gear CTS1-BLK tripod speaker stands.


Fold up nice and tight, they're just a little over a foot long folded in the case.  Very nice protective case.  They don't weigh a whole lot.

Pretty sturdy - certainly with our 14 pound S1s.  Correct size post, actuates switch in mounting hole to change EQ.

They will EASILY fit in my Miata with all the rest of my toys.


Don't be in a hurry putting them up -- there are about 16-17 moves involved in extending and locking the 5 segments of each leg and the central post times two stands.  MAKE SURE THE SEGMENTS ARE ALL LOCKED!

Don't put a lot of pressure on the legs.  They're aluminum and without a reasonable amount of care a segment could get bent with probably negative results.

They weren't cheap!


I'm happy.

Original Post

@Chet , @KingBiscuit 's stands show 27" on the short measurement with a 12.5" base diameter. What I really like about your Sunburst Gear CTS1-BLK tripod speaker stands is not only their ultra compact folded size, but also their tilt-back feature to throw the sound even farther. The price of @KingBiscuit 's stands definitely make having a pair of those nice to have in the equipment arsenal, also.


Hi KingBiscuit,

KingBiscuit posted:

I went with a less expensive but still fairly compact stand. It seems to work well, weighs hardly anything and cost only $26.   It's rated for 60 pounds so the S1 seems pretty stable to me.

Your stands look like these Yorkville Sound Mini Speaker Stands

Minimum Height:27.00 inches
Maximum Height: 46.00 inches
Collapsed Height: 27.00 inches
Stand Material: Aluminum
Collar Material: Nylon
Load Capacity: 100.00 lbs

I don't find 46 inches is tall enough to be very effective unless the audience is seated or I'm on an elevated stage. Otherwise I would go with full height speaker stands, or bring an L1 Compact.

I've put my F1 Model 812 sytems on these stands but I wouldn't put them in a place where people could bump into them. The S1 Pro systems were stable.

The collapsed height is only 27 inches. Even my travel guitar is 35 inches and my smallest electric in a case is 36 inches.



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