Suggestion for T1 Mic stand bracket documentation.


I installed the T1 mic stand bracket on my mic stand last night. I was almost stumped. My mic stand is a Hercules brand and is wider than any of the cut-out templates in the documentation. I was all ready to post for help when I thought of just taking the insert out all together. That fit perfectly.

I may have missed it, but I'd suggest changing the template doucment to include a cut out for the thicker stands with instructions to remove the inserts.

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I have a mic stand, folding tripod style, that has a boom and is modified for sitting on a low stool.

I cut about 8 to 10 inches from the bottom of both the inner and outer sleeve. This allows the adjustment hardware to remain low, out of sight, and the T1 to sit above the knurled adjustment knob, it also puts the boom at a steeper angle rather than being somewhat horizontal and too much in the line of sight at my upper torso and face.


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