Hi Folks,

For the past few years, we've had discussions amongst the moderators and others about the idea of collecting our experiences in the performing arts (mostly live music) into some short essays that might help to disseminate the knowledge.

The time has come to begin this effort.

Each "lesson learned" will be a new thread, whose title will begin with "SUCCEEDING IN THE PERFORMING ARTS" followed by a colon and few words about the topic.

We are completely comfortable, in fact we are hoping, that members of this community will start threads. If you do so, please use the format just given so that others will quickly know it is part of the series.

The threads are "open", meaning anyone from the community can reply and comment on the thread. We really encourage you to do this. This is an unbelievably strong community with an astonishing amount of experience in the performing arts. Let's put it to good use, okay?

Please try to stick the topic at hand. If you find yourself straying, perhaps that is an indication that you need to start another thread.

Eventually, we are hoping to copy the information over to the L1 Wiki. edit: This is now being done. See: Succeeding in the Performing Arts in the L1® Encyclopedia FAQ and Wiki.

We very much look forward to your participation.

Will you help us do this?

Ken Jacob
Director, Advanced Development
Bose Professional Systems

Links to live discussions

Acknowledging Your Cast and Crew
Ambient Light & Sound
Are These Threads Productive?
Arriving Early
Beginning & End, Make them Obvious
Being There -- It's Showtime
Cell Phone, Leave it Offstage
Dress for Success
Eye Contact, Make Lots of
Game Tapes
Glow Tape
Green Room, The
Ground Your Liquids
Introduction to this series
Larger than Life
Less Is (often) More
Make BIG Mistakes
No One Loves You When You're Down and Out
Packing Your Own Parachute
Put on a Happy Face
Rest, Exercise and Diet
Scouting the Venue
Selling Merchandise
Setting the Stage
Sight and Sound Lines
Voice: The only instrument you must learn formally
Walk-In Lighting and Sound

Note: To see all opening posts for the discussions above see Succeeding in the Performing Arts in the L1® Encyclopedia FAQ and Wiki.

Edit: Updated links to Discussions in this series.
Original Post
Great idea! I can't believe what an incredible forum, and community, this is.

Later on I may volunteer some things, but to be honest, I am much more awaiting the advice and wisdom of many of you guys. Although I've been attempting to do this music thing, in various forms, for over 30 years, off and on, I'm only recently doing it full time, and I'm struggling. Any wisdom imparted from you guys who have managed to make it work would be invaluable.

With technology as it is (the wonderful L1, laptops, iPods, wireless instruments, forums and the internet, etc.) I don't think this could be a better time to be a performing musician. But as you all know, some truths don't change...and while I've seen many forum posts that let me know I'm not alone in my struggles (been there, done that, know what you're saying, brother, etc.) I haven't found many solutions. Since many of the artists in this community are, by definition, "successful" - by that I don't mean famous, I mean able to make a living doing this - I would like to hear as much as possible about how y'all did it. Cool
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