Straightening those new B1 leads

I've seen it mentioned here a few times - those wriggly uncooperative B1 leads when they're new, and no posts about how to cure the problem.

Here's 3 suggestions:

1. Taking care to hold the speakon connectors, soak the rest of the cable into a bowl of very warm/hot (not boiling) water. DO NOT GET WATER INSIDE THE SPEAKON PLUGS. This will soften the cable up, lie the cable out flat and straight to dry. This will give it a "new memory" of sorts and be easier to maintain in the future.

2. Wrap the cable or lie it flat and straight and leave it on the footpath or driveway in the sun. Shouldn't take long.

3. Leave them wrapped in your car/van on a hot summer day. This is usually how I unintentionally fix all of my cable messes.
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Thanks ST - I've never been Wiki'd before!

It may turn out that wrapping them up in your normal "storage" position while either warming/soaking or drying them could actually work better. For me, method 3 has usually ended up being the accidental winner and the leads were all rolled up anyway.

BTW - I generally don't leave gear in the van. That only happens here at home for half a Sunday after a late night. I live in a nice quiet rural area...

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