Does the effect engine of the new mixers operate in stereo? Are chorus and reverb in stereo? When panning a channel in stereo operation, does the reverb effect pan together with the source signal, or does it stay centered, with only the source signel following the pan? Thank you. 

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Hi paradis,

The Reverb through the main outputs is stereo. When you use Reverb in the Aux 1 output, it is mono. 

When panning, the Reverb remains centered.

The Delays and Modulation effects are mono, but if you run really loud, you may hear a little cross-talk with the Delays when you panned hard to one side.


Thanks! For clarity, I'm a longtime T1 user, investigating the new mixers. Having stereo reverb is nice. But I'm slightly amazed that the chorus is only mono, knowing how great an effect stereo chorus can be. Why is that if I may ask? Especially since any modern effects unit, built in or not, seems to have it. Is it because many of the Bose mixers will be used in L1 setups with 'one side only' mono operation, where having just one side of a stereo chorus would sound strange (especially if it's the wobble side)? If so, I hope the Bose designers will find a way around that, to be released in a future software update. Up until then we'll have to use an outboard unit for stereo modulation effects. PS: before you think I'm a chorus addict, I like stereo 'Detune' even better - it's like chorus without the wobble, based on slight pitch shifting - but I think that effect is not provided in the new mixers).   

As far as i know you can not place a mono signal into a board and get stereo. If your source is mono you can drive that signal out of your board's output (stereo out) but it is mono into both. You need a stereo source for stereo signal. EG. Guitar two pic ups verses one. Stereo is not the same as a mono signal coming out of two channels, two different signal paths for stereo, mono is one signal which can be channeled through the stereo outs. The effects can be loaded differently on stereo channel inputs and outs then with mono. You can create a stereo effect with mono but still one mono signal. ST correct me if I am reading this wrong or have more thought on this subject.

Hi CCC, yes the source will stay mono, but a stereo effect algorithm will create a stereo sound effect 'around' it, with has slightly different L and R signals. This creates a bigger, more interesting sound. There are even three channel chorusses around, to enhance your mono guitar sound. 

Thanks ST although it may sound picky I get questioned and nailed for using the term stereo generically. I see many using the term stereo, meaning two channels, this is not true stereo. I am not saying one is better, meaning stereo verses stereo effects. I am interested in how effects route out when using an effects loop verses the front of the amp in both stereo and stereo effects. I will check you references shortly as I just read your response.

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