I have spent a lot of time sifting through old (2013-2017) threads on this forum, reading about stage lighting.  I am wondering if anyone has any new suggestions on stage lighting for a solo acoustic/occasional duo on a very shallow stage.  I was hoping I could put something on the floor few feet in front of me as space in front of me is very limited. I am looking for something that is not overly bright...and I have heard that a red light is a good choice.  I am not particular on the dispersion of light. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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In the past I've used a couple of PAR38 cans with mounts and rigged the bracket with a threaded rod, nuts and washers and duct tape so I could set them inside the top tube of regular microphone stands.  Not too big a footprint with mic stands.

But alas -- it appears that I don't have any hollow top tube mic stands left so for my last little video project, I had to buy a couple of VERY cheap speaker stands and drill a hole in the top plug for my home-built posts.

I have extension cords with dimmers that I use for the lights.  Now one can get very cheap LED Par38, dimmable lights that work quite nicely...

I lucked out and someone gifted me many years ago with a whole bunch of gels.  I use a fairly dense flesh colored gel with just one light and can add a blue or red gel on the other when I use 2.

If space permits, I usually place a 4 bar led color wash stand behind or slightly off to one side of the performers. A foot controller can be used to switch from static color wash, slow fades, or sound activated. For the front / face lighting I would suggest a few battery or ac powered pars or spots (white or warm white light) at 25-45 degrees off center (left and right) as high up as possible, could be mounted on a mic stand as Chet suggested.

If your standing, a uplight on the floor 2 feet in front might give you a bit of a scary look. Rememer the flashlight on the chin shining up the face :-)

Lighting from both back and front gives more depth to the performers. 



Good portable lighting designed for soloists and duets is one of the most overlooked and disappointing areas of stage equipment.

Years ago we worked gigs 5 or 6 nights a week and weeks at a time. Lighting setups that required hours were still feasible. Now with one nighters being the rule, hanging is not always possible and there is rarely room for tripod type stands on the small stages we get.

Even the small systems with foot controls are really designed to light a dance floor area, not a performer. If Mfgs. would include a "freeze" switch it would help.

Several years ago when LED stage lighting was taking over in the market I suggested that Bose might utilize the Model II base and speaker array columns to provide us with a usable stage lighting system that could include, color, movement, proper face lighting, all with foot control. Even though many companies use similar type of narrow, segmented fixtures, Bose is not inclined to get into the lighting business. I am surprised that none of the existing lighting companies have built something similar that is priced appropriately for the weekend warrior. 

I have looked at stand based, workplace LED lighting as fixtures that might be modified for color gels and switching, and utilized as stage lights, but for me it's not worth the hassle at this time. 



Let me clarify what I mean about the use of Model II base and array columns being used for lighting. I am not suggesting a dual purpose speaker and light system.

I felt like the speakers could be replaced with LED lighting. The stand and speaker housing would make a proper lighting fixture with just a little thought and design work.

I would not recommend attaching lights to any of the speaker arrays.


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