I am going to order a 10m B1 cable from a local dealer here in Sydney and want to make sure they make the right cable ( I don't have time to send them the one I already have with the system).
Can you please tell me the pin configuration of the NL4 cable so they get it right as I don't know if they are made as a "stock standard" cable for the L1 - B1.
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Easy enough:
What you need as a 4-wire Speakon, i.e. all 4 pins of the NL4 plugs need to be connected. The pins are named 1+, 1-, 2+, and 2-. The connection is one-to-one, for example 2+ on one plug goes to 2+ on the other plug.
The wires inside the cable are usually arranged in a square pattern. Very long cable work a little bit better if the two signal pairs are connected diagonally like this

    1+    2+

    2-    1-

Hope that helps

Not neccessarily. It has to be a cable with all 4 pins connected.

All Speakon cables use NL4 connectors but many connect only pins 1+ and 1- and leave pins 2- and 2+ unconnected.

Unfortunately, many sales people are not aware of the difference, so it's important to talk to some who is knowledgable.

Do you have any on-line retailers in Australia? If you send me a link, I'll be happy to take a look and see if I can find something suitable.

Hope that helps

My first post... I believe I've just played 3 gigs with the wrong wire. I had what I believed to be a faulty B1 wire and Guitar Center just sold me a Speakon cable. 1st gig just had 3 vocals in it and sounded fine, the second two gigs were 2 vocals, a boomerang vocal, acoustic guitar, and boomerang guitar. I must have the B1 for acoustic guitar, it sounds so big. But I could not understand why the sound was weird, ie. less volume and a more tubby sound. I also heard occasional digital distortion. We had played the same club many times before with the PAS with wonderful results. The next night at another club seemed better but not "right", maybe I am adjusting for it since everything goes thru a Mackie board. After reading this post I tried to open up the Speakon cable I've got and it appears to have only two wires in it. I think my sound is compromised and I'm going back to guitar center. Would these symptoms be typical of using the wrong configuration cable? What do the 4 wires do?
Hi Phill Space,

You really need the 4-wire Speakon cable.

The "second" two wires that you are missing allows the PS1 Powerstand determine if there is a B1 Bass Module at the other end of the cable. If it detects a B1, then it sets up an appropriately processed signal for a B1. If it doesn't detect a B1, then the signal is flat band-pass filter 40-180 Hz.

The B1 will 'play' either way, but it won't be voiced correctly unless connected with a proper 4-wire cable.

If you have a faulty B1 cable, you should probably call support to get that resolved.

Call Support
Telephone the Bose Live Music Product & Technical Support Team
(877) 335-2673 (U.S. and Canada only)*
Hours of operation
Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM ET
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
Ah. 40 to 180 Hz. That explains why I hear it but it sounds wrong! At least it won't hurt the unit. Guitar Center should have the right Bose cable for me. If not they'll have to order one. I already paid them $25 for the wrong cable they thought was right. Thanks a million, I thought I was losing my hearing and/or my mind.
Funny (sob) story... the club was long and narrow with a very high ceiling. They shove the tables to the back so we can set up... guitar, bass and drums. They have trouble hearing us so we put the PAS on a table which worked great and had less feedback too. Unfortunately, the cable to the B1 was too short to reach the floor... and... you guessed it, we put the B1 on a table too. I turned around to see the B1 bounce off the floor nose first!! The cable was stretched way out! The Bose finished the song and then shut off. Amazing!! Unplugging the cable allowed the PAS to work fine. The system was only supplying us with three vocals so the B1 wasn't important and we finished the night easily. My B1 seemed to work fine when we tested it at Guitar Center the next day so the guy sold me a generic Speakon cable (with 2 wires I later figured out thanks to this site). The next two gigs were acoustic duo stuff and that's when the weirdness became apparent. I like this system so much but I am afraid of how much time a real breakdown will steal. I have a guy who can fix anything in a day or three. Bose seems very secretive about their equipment; I noticed that when I read the owners manual. There is nothing in it!
Thank you ST! I'm using my nickname from an old band too. My guitar job in that band was to fill space.
Hi Phill Space,

Glad all of that made sense and you know how to get things resolved.

Too bad about the B1. Any physical / cosmetic damage there?

I bet your friend could probably repair that blue B1 cable for you in under 10 minutes, (assuming that the some of the wires got yanked out of the binding posts).

And as far as names go, Phill Space sure beats Dead Air.
Hi Steve. LOL... I think "proprietary" means pivileged (secret) information. But seriously, I must beg to differ. It took me a week to diagnose this Speakon cable problem. I should not have to join a group to do it. If Bose was straight forward, there would not be this confusion over as simple an issue as what wire to use. The sales people would have had a reference sheet and/or the manual that comes with the PAS would detail these things. As it is, I had to call Bose just to find out how many watts the thing puts out. That's ridiculous. If it wasn't for the Bose name, in-store test, AND 30 day trial I never would have bought it... which would have been a real shame because it is a great piece of equipment. Why is there no spec sheet? Everything else includes spec sheets: freq. response, watts, amps, distortion... I'll bet the little toy, battery-run Marshall stacks have a spec sheet. Nevermind the schematic. That's where I could reference stuff like fuses. Fuses? There are fuses in there? Holy Cow, should I have spares? How do I install them if I blow one? Does it take 2 hours? Can I install them during a break? Do I have to mail this 60 lb. base back to Bose? I wouldn't even know it has fuses except I saw them for sale on the Bose site. Bose is not secretive? I didn't know there was an extended warranty offer. I read it on here somewhere. I've had mine now for like 3 years... so much for that. I also just read that the B1 is supposed to come with a cover, I never got one at the time of purchase and there was no sheet that lists what is included in the purchase, so much for that too, after 3 years my B1 is all beat up. Sorry, I'll stop now. The product is great otherwise and I consider it money well spent.

Well put. We agree that the user's manual could use some more depth. We certainly are not hiding anything but I hear what you mean. We're listening and improving all the time.

I've got to challenge your thinking on one thing though. You said:

Why is there no spec sheet? Everything else includes spec sheets: freq. response, watts, amps, distortion...

It turns out with an L1, creating a Cyldrical wave front these need to be measured differently and addin them would only add confusion. It's kind of like measuring gas in meters ... it isn't helpful.

Another thing about specs is that they can be true and lie at the same time. For example, Watts don't matter. How loud is a 40W light bulb? Is it louder than a 5 W halogen bulb? Smile

Also, if you measure peak output at one location what about the others and at what frequency and is the speaker flat over that range and on and on. So, we stay away from specs because 99% of people are not better informed by specs than they would be by just lisetning to the speaker.

I know you may disagree with that, that's fine. But I know how to read spec's pretty well and I don't trust them. I use my ears.

Thanks for the feedback and we will look into making improvements. I appreciate you giving us "actionable" feedback.

Thanks for answering and concuring on a couple of points. I thought my reply might have ended this thread. Both Guitar Center and Bose were excellent to work with on my Speakon cable problem. In fact, I was sent a new cable directly by Bose in two days. It arrived about 4 hours before the gig. THAT is service. Unfortunately, the story isn't over; something else is going on, I'll have to call the techs tomorrow, err, today. The B1 plays but not very loudly, the balance between it and the "stick" is way off. The fall may have done something to the B1 even tho there is sound coming out. I know that the fall stretched the insulation off the red and blue wires in the Speakon cable and they shorted. I am assuming that if a fuse blew, then the entire B1 would not get ANY signal; or maybe the other two amps send a signal to the B1 anyway. (I wish it was in the manual) Anyway, thanks for being in the "support group" for ailing L1's. I like companies (and music stores) that "go that extra mile". That's a new name to me, "L1", is that the base?
Here is an update on the "Bouncing B1 affair". It begins with praise for Guitar Center in Paramus, NJ, authorized dealer for Bose. They have been excellent help with the Bose L1. After this last gig with the new Bose Speakon cable, the L1 still didn't sound right. Guitar Center allowed me to bring my entire system down and set up next to their L1 display and A/B each piece of mine with theirs. So I'm in the audio room switching wires back and forth until it became obvious to me and an assistant that the powerstand was at fault. Talk about putting the customer first! So, I have sent the powerstand back to Bose for repair. It is a great idea to have one price and have the unit completely refurbished and sent back with a one year warranty. Brilliant. Hopefully they check all the specs and tolerances so it puts out the same as new. However, I did not like the idea of charging double for the same deal... only faster, (and getting someone else's unit back). It made me get that feeling you might get comparing value/price with Epiphone vs. Gibson. So I did not take this option even though I would have preferred "faster". Now I am using my standard PA again with the 15" speakers. Sounds good... more work. I will post again with the conclusion of this affair. I shipped it out to Bose a week ago.
I think we talked about this a couple of years back, now might be a good time to bring it up again.

In the rare instances when a PS1 goes down it leaves the working musician in a tight spot. By now there should be a few units that have been returned for one reason or another. If some of those units could be scattered around the country to GC's , Bose stores, and AD reps, then there would be someone to turn to for a loan or inexpensive rental while the nonworking unit is repaired.

I'm thankful I have not had any problems, and I know that is true for all but a very few owners, but I sure feel for those who must do without for two or three weeks.

ST, I think we need to start a list of owners who would be willing to help out a fellow musician (if possible) when they have a PS1 out of service. I looked for one (a list) under owner networks, if it is there it is buried and needs to be brought to the top of the page.

Of course if I loaned mine out I would respectfully ask that it not be mounted on a table. Smile

Hi Oldghm

please disregard the following. I'm trying to figure out how this might work (and be an improvement over what is happening now).

It would be fairly easy to organize a list of owners who are willing to volunteer to help. We could do this in the Owner Networks area.

I could probably do something in another way but if the volunteers turned on notifications for that discussion, I think this would serve to put people in need in contact with those willing to help.

Notifications would not work for me. My antivirus system is so aggressive that it will not allow any computer generated message that is not cleverly disguised,(Damn Spam). I would hope that anyone needing to borrow my system would just give me a call and ask if mine is busy.

I think ST is working on something very simple. I like my privacy so I don't want to use my phone #. A private message would usually work for me. Then personal contact.

This is the kind of thing one could volunteer for and then never have to deliver, but it could save the day for someone.

Hi Col. Andy

It drives me crazy that we have to buy locks, cut keys, remember combinations and passwords and that any of us has to spend any of our non-renewal time resources sifting through spam.

Is there a way in your mail filtering that you can mark a sender as 'safe'? Email originating from the forum is easily identified. I'll send you a PM with the details.

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