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Hi Guys,

I was getting quite frustrated with my F1s not sounding the way I expected them to and after a lot of back and forth. Vocals in music and movies were very unintelligible and everything lacked detail.

As it turns out, the built-in ADC/DAC on my Behringer X32 was the source of all of my problems. I just switched to a MOTU 828es and it has made a tremendous difference. (I would not recommend the Behringer X32 with the F1s, based on the better audio performance I was getting with my plain DJ Mixer and Mackie VLZ board with a separate DAC.)

So, with that said, if you are still struggling with the F1 series speakers not sounding the way they should...check your sources that feed your F1s and try swapping them out... I know it should be intuitive, but sometimes we get stuck and forget that there may be something else that is wrong...

I hope this helps others avoid my headaches...

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Hi wavesound

   I'm sorry that you were experiencing issues with the X32 and the F1s.  I use the F1s and L1MIIs weekly with multiple mixers and have had no issues with the X32 or X-Air mixers regarding clarity or detail.  I am not saying that your issue didn't/doesn't exist, I just wanted to share that I do not have the same issue when using the Behringer digital mixers with my Bose equipment. 


I was pretty happy with the X32 until I tried doing a lot of work with dialogue. Too often, the dialogue that I was working with too difficult to understand, it was unintelligible. For example with movies, I'd have to turn the volume up and down between action scenes and dialogue just to understand what people were saying. There was a substantial lack of dynamic range and a lot of distortion that was obscuring what I was trying to hear. I could compensate for it by increasing the volume, but 

After swapping in a new DAC in place of the X32's built in USB interface, a lot of the dialogue became clearer. Taking the X32 out of the chain and popping a MOTU 828es turned the F1's into a very decent Hi-Fi system. I was hearing notes and instrumental details that were missing entirely on the X32. I could do without the hiss, but that's a topic for another conversation.

I think the X32 has its place and that place is for live sound that is consistently loud and does not require much detail (i.e. lacks dynamic range). Its a great mixer and I love the features and routing capabilities in a live setting. It satisfies a *lot* of consumers (including me for a while!). But I would suggest pulling the X32 out of the chain and feed the line output of your audio device either straight to the F1s or use an Analog mixer. Assuming the source is of sufficient quality, I think you'll find a newfound appreciation for the capabilities of this speaker system.


   I concur that for a home theater/audiophile setup that I would not choose the X32, but then again I also would not choose the F1 812 due to the noise floor.  (The L1 MII + B2 does not have the same noise floor so I would use it for home theater/critical listening) I only use the X32 and F1 812 for live sound and as such, I am very happy with both.       

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