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Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

Sound Coverage by Bose L1 Model 1S

Dear Sir,

I am planning to purchase TWO Bose L1 Model 1S with B2 and ONE T8S digital mixer for Bands in Church, and will not use any instrument / vocal stage monitors by using In-Ear Monitor, but I am not sure if the two Bose L1 are placed at right position and the efficiency of sound coverage for all audience if no external pa speaker there. Please kindly advise.

(P.S. Please refer to my floor plan. Since we have experienced that the Drums produced sound is very loud, it doesn't require any microphone amplification.)

Thanks, KT


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KT, "Johnson Berry" is a spammer trying to get you to click that link.  I've reported the post; ignore it.

If everyone on the team is using IEMs, you gain no useful benefit putting the S1s in the back of the stage.  I would bring the S1s to the front edge of the stage, which will increase your max volume at the back of the room and reduce possibility of feedback in the multiple mics on stage. 

I'm sure @ST will weigh in, but for a room that's under 50ft (and well under that from front of stage to rear wall,) you could also consider a single L1 Model II instead of 2 S1s, or even an  F1 812 and Subwoofer system.   Those are my thoughts.

Thanks A lot! According to your suggestion, then I am worried about lacking of mic and instruments monitoring sounds, so should I add some monitors/amps on stage for musicians? 

Besides, may I know what is the coverage distance of 812 because I have another hall which has ~60 feet. Does it also deliver sound with less loss at rear seat area?





Since we have 8 channels on stage, originally I planned to divide into 2 groups. 4 vocals/musicians use 1 dedicated 1S. Therefore, according to your suggestions, should I also put a single of L2 / F1 for 8 persons?


Besides, do you know the coverage max distance of F1 with SPL varying figures? 

The F1 would NOT be my choice if I have to put it behind me as a monitor, and i hope that I have not made the issue more confusing by mentioning it.  

The system you originally specified (2 L1 Model S with B2 subs) would work in either room.  Regardless of your configuration, you may find it necessary to provide additional monitor for drummer or other musician, but you have the flexibility in your system to add that later if necessary.  Your drums are going to likely be your biggest challenge both for mixing and monitoring. Sometimes experimentation is the only path to solution. 

Those are my thoughts, maybe someone else will share theirs.

If I consider F1, I would get additional stage monitors and put F1 to the front edge of the stage, the top 812 would be mounted on ceiling. Therefore, my only concern is that the coverage distance of F1 if can fills up to 50 feet with even sound for audience. If not, I would consider to get the 2nd 812 mounted on ceiling at the middle area for the rear of the auditorium. 


Do you know the coverage max distance of F1 with SPL varying figures? 

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