Hi everyone, does anyone have any experience with this mic. I currently own the Shure Beta 87a, Beta 58a, 55 Deluxe, EV N/D 767a and Heil PR20 mics... I am looking to possibly add a premium vocal mic.  

I am thinking about adding one of these to my tool box (if it's worth it). Would I gain anything compared to the vocal mics I have so far? How is it on a loud stage? - If I get one I am thinking about getting the HS version... Hyper/Sub - Cardioid

Any input on the Shure KSM9 would be greatly appreciated. BTW I am not interested in other models/brands ---- Neumann kms 105 Sennheiser, AKG mics...

I will be using the mic with the L1 and F1 systems...

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