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Please include the name of your band and the date in the subject line. And remember to tell us the date, time, and location in the body of your post. Add pictures, videos, and  links too if you like.

One for the solo acts who wonder if the Bose L1 Model 11 can handle Pop or Rock This is a long low building. The L1 Model 11 only makes it by about an inch You have to tip it to the side then stand it up. You have to play to the side of it, because of where the stage is.. Katy Perry Versus U2
Sound direct from a JVC Camcorder
POP VR ock
Hi ST.... Not heard many talk about Open Mic with the Bose L1 but..... that is what we do (in the main). We run two L1's and take a feed out the master. sync the video to audio and upload a selection of performances from the night to our YouTube channel. The evening is also recorded in it's entirety in the same way and broadcast on local radio the following week. ( thursday nights at 9pm GMT) The first link is from a recent performance and if you would care to view other artists I have also included the channel page. Having used other PA systems none can compare to the quality of Bose and the ease of setting up numerous different artists with different configurations and a whole bunch of different equipment. Thank you for making our life easier and I know that the artists performing in 'front' of the L1 for the first time have been so impressed they have ventured off to purchase their own ! Commission please :-) Keep up the good work - Wayne

Oh and another venue we do in the UK
hi, i have posted these on here many times, so for the chanel purposes here they are again
1st is my other half in her dou. using a bose mII with b2 and t1.

2nd is a clip of her solo work.
using mII with b2 and t1, inc compact for monitoring.

3rd is some of her tribute work.
cher with mII and 2 compacts up front with t1.
Hi ST,

Unfortunately I don't have one. If at some time I do, I'll let you know. I just thought that it might be of interest to some of the guys on the forum, and I thought that this might be the place to post it. If there's a better place on the forum for it let's have it moved there. In fact, I've already put the link on the Solo Acts/Digitech Trio Thread, so if this one doesn't fit here, we can delete it. Just say the word.

Take care,


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