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Hi Everyone,

I know this isn't seeing and hearing it live, but this still seemed like a good place to put this.

I have set up a YouTube page with Playlists (only).

You can see it here:


You'll see that the playlists are like this:

8 +
Front of House
Stage Monitors

I was scanning through YouTube for examples to put in each playlist.

Here's how you can get in on this or help.

Just post a reply here with a link to your YouTube video, and a suggestion about what category you think would be best.

I'm trying to keep the number of videos from any one band down to say 2 or 3 because once someone is watching your video from the playlist, they can always see what else you've uploaded anyway.

So please enjoy the playlists, and if you have things you'd like to add, you know what to do.


PS - DJ's I'm setting up another one for you too.
Original Post
Hi Leo,

Thank you for the links.

I've added yours to the Solo playlist because you are getting all that great sound on your own. I'm using the Outdoor playlist for videos that showcase the L1® performance at great distances outside.

To to hear/see you again.
Hi ST -

Here are two links for the Outdoors category.

The first uses L1 Systems for all amplification except a miked guitar amp. The band is 'Plan B'. Audio is from a 44.1kHz audio stereo recording.

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

The second is the group 'Big Stubby' at the same venue a year later, with mixed L1 and traditional PA, L1's for Bass and e-Drums, stage vocal monitors. Audio from the video camera.

Them Changes
Our YouTube channel is at:

So far we only have a few vids uploaded, and not all are Bose L1 performances.

The two we'd like to submit for the L1 playlist channel are:

1. One More Song - September 2009

Played on stage in a local arts centre on the evening of celebration of our marriage. Filmed with Canon Legria HF200 Hi-Def camcorder on a tripod about 30 feet from us, just using camcorder internal mic (so you also get to hear the audience joining in too!).

Jimmy plays Taylor 910CE-L7 6-string and Val plays Taylor Custom Jumbo 12-string (the one she played at our wedding at Taylor guitars, and so we just had to buy it!).

2. Different Dreams - July 2009

Played in a marquee tent at a small local music festival. Ignore the conventional speakers on a stick and monitor - we weren't using those! Filmed by a friend with hand held camera that can take basic video. He was about 30 feet from us, just using camera internal mic (you can hear the outdoor wind noise).

Jimmy plays Taylor 910CE-L7 6-string and Val plays Taylor 855 12-string.

In both cases we were using 1 x L1 model 2, 2 x B1, 2 x T1 (daisychained).
ST, you are the man. What a great idea. If you've got room, here are the two Banshee in the Kitchen videos with our L1s. Interestingly, they were taken at the same concert series, two years apart.

I guess "trio" or "acoustic ensemble" might be their category. I leave it to your most excellent judgment!


In 2007, we were using our Model Is. The camcorder was located in the balcony at the far end of the church where the concert is held, thus the extra blur. But the sound was extra nice from there.

Beth Gamish Set

Three tunes: A Crack in the Doorway/Beth Cohen's Reel/Anchor Steam Reel.

In 2009, we had our Model IIs. Due to the much larger crowd, the camcorder was at a more awkward angle, off to the side behind a pillar.

The Move Along Set

The Highlander's Farewell/The Move Along Song (by Ewan MacColl)/Sgt. Early's Dream
Cover of Landslide recorded live at our Sebastian Inlet State Park concert 9-4-09 Land Slide

Recorded live concert of ours at Sebastian Inlet State Park on 9-4-09. Was threatening rain the whole evening but we held it off with positive thoughts. Appreciative audience including many of our dear friends. Wonderful evening overall. This clip shows these unexpected or planned moments that make all the effort it takes to perform worth it.
Freedom Cover
Hey Chris, thanks man! In this case we were only using the Bose as a monitor for vocals. (Channel one's not muted) It was a very small room, so the amps & drums were only miked to provide a feed to the console. For vocals we plugged straight into the front of the bose & used the master out on back to send to the desk so we could take advantage of the compression & reverb on the bose. Because Tom & I both use tube amps, our signals were compressed enough & any compression that may have been needed for drums would have been handled at the desk. Thanks again for the kind words man, glad you like it!

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