hi I am in an acoustic duo we use a boss loop pedal for our backing for certain songs which we have recorded and produced ourselves . I would like some advice or suggestions regarding getting the best sound . For some reason the preset I feel gives the best sound is accordion ????? Not sure why this is also do I really need to use compression ? Any help would be appreciated 

regards Lucrecia 

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Hello Lucricia,

Presets are just EQ curves that shape tone, so yes, a preset developed for a type of instrument can indeed sound great for something entirely different.
Although I don't use backing tracks, I understand what you are struggling with. Compression could be used to even out the audio level between tracks but not without impacting the dynamic range, especially for tracks that are substantially louder than the "normal" tracks.

I recall reading many discussions in these forums between members struggling with the same issue. In an ideal world the offending tracks should be normalized with software. The discussions I'm referring to were likely from five or more years ago as I've been mostly absent from these forums for a few years. I'm hoping that someone who has experience with tracks will join this conversation.

I did a quick internet search for mp3 track normalizer This tutorial for a program called MP3Gain (Windows version but there is a link for a Mac option on that page). The following is an interesting discussion on backing-tracks-for-solo-performing from our community members in 2010. I'm providing these links for you so you may find what will work for you; as I don't use backing tracks, I don't have any first hand experience with normalizing tracks per say, just with normalizing personal recordings.

My world is rarely an "ideal world" so sometimes the best solution is not the "best" solution. You as the performer gets to decide what works for you. Technically, at least in theory and on paper, software levelling would be "better than compression", yet compression could work very well for you and is may be an easier option so you could give it a go and hear how it sounds for you...

I hope this helps a bit, I can have a look at T1 compression settings later this evening if you need me to...


Hi mark 

thank you again for your reply to this question and valuable advice . We played last night and I left the compression on the backing making sure that I used it sparingly ( which is something I have been reading ) it worked really well . I have left compression off my vocals as you suggested which is brilliant but left it on my bodhran guitar and as I say backing seems to work a treat . To me honest the whole compression thing I get but not really sure how it works on producing terms . Sometimes I find reading about it just confuses me more however anything you can suggest that I could read ( that is t too technical ) I would appreciate . 

Thank you again and the sound is definitely going in the right direction 

regards Lucrecia 

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